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Woman Quiz: Why Do You Like The Shanghai Story Scarf?
Mar 27, 2018

The function of scarves: concealing, decorating and heating is the crowning touch for beauty-conscious women to show their fashion vision and taste. The reason for the Shanghai story: The “Shanghai story” is not necessarily a story in Shanghai but a Shanghai-style story. Its connotation is: the lifestyle of the metropolitan people. The biggest feature: Living in conflict and harmony: Advocating struggle and yearning for leisure, striving for stability, longing for the distance, modern and nostalgic, open and introverted, paralleling fashion and classical symbiosis. The “Shanghai Story” brand uses scarves as the main carrier, firmly grasps the life style of target consumers, and helps them develop the romantic imagination of urban life: women who wear scarves have stories. Whether it's bitter or sweet, fresh or long-lasting, close at hand, or far away, it's about wanting to forget or wanting to mention it. These stories are important to women and may be a woman's secret, or it may be a woman's life. Shanghai is a place where there is a story. The "Shanghai story" always tempts a woman with a story...

Behind the love of Shanghai, women love the lifestyle of the metropolis; behind the love of the “Shanghai story” is the story of loving their own hearts. Scarf is the hiding and expression of women's stories.

  Findings: 1. Consumers always look high, and Shanghai's fashion women's eyes are focused on Paris, Tokyo and Milan. "Shanghai Story" can not attract modern Shanghai girls, but it can be attractive to become a Shanghai modern girl. Therefore, the consumer groups of the Shanghai story are:  Shanghai's older women  New Shanghai women (new immigrants)  Young women who come to Shanghai to shop in general tourists 2) Scarves are women's expression language (with clothing, occasions, moods) 3. After one, infinite possibilities

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