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With The Men's Winter Fashion Tie
Sep 30, 2017

A tie is an integral part of a male executive's choice of clothes. Let you wear a suit, shirt, quality and beautiful shoes, if not with proper ties, so, you will surely be greatly impressed. To enhance their self-confidence, strong men's image, it is necessary to pay attention to the tie.

The dominant colors of the season

The easiest way to change the overall impression of a suit is to change the style of the tie. But do not think that is all-match universal colorful tie combination, because the general administrative staff are not suitable for wearing the color is too dazzling, too exaggerated tie. If you don't know what kind of color for you, you can consider the color - gray and Brown this season.

Gray is a popular color this season, not only has the sense of the times, and generous, can attend the general party. Brown is also a popular color that has been touted for almost two or three years, often appearing in films, advertising, and other media. It gives Gucci Plaid ties. A thick tie gives a sense of balance and a sense of balance. Hermes's printed ties are of varied colors and should be fitted with grey suits. The product of this brand is cut to sew and finished in its own workshop.

Apart from printed ties, knitting and hemp ties are also made by hand, and their sewing techniques are superb. This brand of this season with the "wood" as the theme, launched a series of forest trees, birds and wood related tie pattern.

Thick wool tie gives a sense of texture and balance. It is better to wear a suit made of corduroy. The shirt is made of white and its coarse lines are better.

Ferragamo ties were made in Italy. This style focused on brand consistent theme patterns and animal figures. Free human beings and casual lines interwoven with a dark suit and tie, create a romantic style.

People's feeling is not shocked, but rather casual casual casual comfort. In addition, brown with dark blue and gray have harmonious visual effect.

Wool ties - winter atmosphere

This winter, tie brands are mainly made of wool, with wool ties thin and thick two major categories. The thin tie is made of slip, made of silk and wool blended fabric. Material and silk tie is similar, but in the delicate, but also more warm. Thick ties are made of thick cloth, such as denim, which gives warmth during the winter. A woolen tie of different thicknesses, with a style and sense of uniform, suits and shirts, gives rise to a sense of harmony.

Different brands have different styles and qualities. Choose your own brand of tie to show your personal taste.

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