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Which Ties Are Of Good Quality? Silk, Polyester Silk, What Is The Difference?
Aug 17, 2017

Which ties are of good quality? Silk, polyester silk, what is the difference?

Before you buy a tie, make sure you have a few questions. Do you give it away or do you use it yourself?

First, if you use your own:

1, usually go to work with formal use?

If it is to work with, can be a plain blue tie, such as color, black, not too much publicity, is subtle and careful, serious occupation accomplishment. It can also be brighter, more personal, and more stylish, such as blue, white stripes, yellow tones, etc.. Of course, it also has something to do with the nature of your work. If you are usually in a formal situation, you will be more mature and dignified.

2, casual suit?

Leisure suit itself is relatively relaxed, randomly, then the tie will choose bright and lively, with shirt matching color, can choose color tie, such as beige, blue, purple, pink, also can choose stripes or unique flower shaped tie.

3, to participate in the party?

A bright tie is usually used at parties, because a lighter tie can make you look more alive because the party lights are relatively dark.

4, to participate in business meetings?

Business meetings are generally in more upscale hotel, hotel, etc., belong to the very formal occasion, everyone is to work as a starting point, so that everyone in the understanding and communication at the same time, occupation dress will highlight your work ability, work attitude, personality characteristics, the wear ties must be stable that dark, dark tone reflects your subtle, let your potential partner or pay more attention to your superiors.

5, for wedding?

The wedding tie must be warm tones, the use of red, red and red including red tie, and as a guest is the best red color is better, do not wear the white tie. Very loud.

6 what color shirt do you have?

There are several key issues to keep in mind the best striped shirt with a striped tie, plaid shirt best Plaid tie and shirt color choices is relatively easy, no matter or solid color tie tie with no problem, the only principle is to be the same color, blue shirt and red tie ugly, let people feel very free goods.

7 what type of shirt do you have?

A shirt collar may generally not be concerned about, in fact we necessarily a casual or dress shirt or a collar type are divided in eight small eight collar, collar, eight big collar, generally we are necessarily character and big character, need to pay attention to them with a tie is the width of the tie and tie the size of small eight brought best sword narrow tie, tie played in small, relatively large spread collar casual, cutaway collar should pay attention to, can choose a bit wide tie, tie a larger, or will appear very uncoordinated.

8 what color suits do you have?

Here, in addition to tie shirt collocation, the most important is the suit, not only should pay attention to the collocation of tie and suit, should pay more attention to collocation shirt and suit, shirt and suit only in a harmonious situation, an appropriate collocation will give you a tie. Bring a finishing touch. Generally speaking, the color of the tie and a shirt or a color, a color or with a suit, this is the best way to go, don't let the suit and tie and shirt are inconsistent, it is likely to be a joke.

9, what material?

Tie the material producing, mainly divided into two kinds of silk and polyester fabric, silk fabric is the mainstream now, compositional tie with general "silk" or "silk" shows that the advantages of silk fabric is a tie color, texture, perception is more upscale, but the price is relatively expensive. The fabric is polyester, chemical fiber fabrics, generally represented by "polyester" or "South Korean silk" or "Polyester", the color is bright, but the lack of stable effect, drape and poor quality. Note that the so-called "South Korean silk" is polyester.

10, the price you want?

The price of tie is somewhat different from that of other goods. It can be said to be a world of difference. There are several ties in the wholesale market. There are two thousand or three thousand dollars in expensive neckties in the shopping mall, or even tens of thousands of dollars. And the mainstream shopping malls in the mainstream tie prices are about four hundred yuan, ordinary silk fabric, after folding basic more than 300, almost more than 200, and then the poor can not guarantee quality. The wholesale market in some tie fifty or sixty dollars, are very poor or polyester fabric of silk. A really good silk tie costs at least 80 dollars. In the understanding of the related factors on the basis of so much the price, you can make yourself an assessment of their own psychological price, but be sure not only than the price level, good goods are not cheap, no good cheap goods which is always the truth. If you want to buy low price, good quality and tie, can go online to see, for example, Malibu online, is a professional tie website, I bought four or five, the price is very good.

11, the quality you want?

There are a lot of quality related factors, and here's a detailed explanation:

1) depends on the fabric

Tie fabrics mainly include silk (silk and polyester) two. These two kinds of fabrics can be said that the cost is very large, low cost of polyester, silk and belongs to pure natural material, is not easy to deformation, wear elegant characteristics;

2) depends on the material

Tie in the material can be divided into two kinds, namely, polyester and silk. The same silk fabric, lining is also a silk tie, the cost of more than half of the fabric and lining are silk tie, also known as "double silk tie."";

3) lining cloth

We know that the thickness of the fabric is very small, and the texture of the tie comes from the feel of the lining. Lining material is divided into two kinds of wool polyester lining, lining. Wool lining is divided into 30% hair, 50% hair, 70% hair, wool. Wool Liangyue high lining made out of the necktie is more expensive. In addition. Interlining is divided into galling and non galling lining lining, the lining of the galling than picking cost should be higher than a mile.

4) fabric density

This is for the ordinary silk tie, silk tie, especially domestic small factory production of tie fabrics are 960 knitting, the general market 500 yuan tie is the tissue density. And the high-grade tie fabrics are basically 1920 knitting fabrics, namely the tissue density to be doubled, this fabric should be solid, feeling very good texture, the professional is called "high density tie", the domestic production of high density fabric silk tie few, because the cost is much higher, shopping malls the basic price in more than 1000 yuan.

5) making process

Tie fabric, lining, lining the same circumstances, sewing process costs are the same, there will be no small gap.

Two, below we say send a person (send what kind of person) how to choose a tie?:

1, how old are you?

The size of the age depends on the choice of discount tie tone, general young people aged 20--30, can choose leisure color tie, color is very bright, flower shape is more generous; mature men aged 30--40 years, the general business started to develop or have reached a high degree, their mentality is very smooth, they are more concerned with their own "mature charm", make their own mature young passion again beyond and immature, for them, a gift must be bright but not publicity, dark red, dark blue, should be the mainstream color; men over the age of 40, over the age of 40, in addition to their steady the state of mind, began a naive idea, they began to yearn for youthful vitality, so choose to tie, can choose dark colors, you can choose bright They don't refuse your kindness. Dark colors mature and bright colors make him still energetic.

2, what color does he like?

Do you know the colors he likes? What color did he tie, for example? What color is the shirt he's wearing? What color is his suit? These are according to your gift, he will not be because of a tie you sent to buy a suit, so you send the tie, is the best color or floral immediately he can match, he will think that you are really looking at him, understand him, your gift multiplier effect oh!

3, what is his job?

Honest here, to send neckties, gifts should pay attention to the best cost-effective. If the recipient is the high-end business people, you do not save money, want to buy famous brand, good quality, because their life is relatively high, how can he ten thousand piece suit to make a $80 tie ah, to tell the truth, it is a look out not in tune. If he is an ordinary white-collar workers, that can be mid-range brand or mid-range price, they not only value the brand, quality is also a very good choice, practical is their pursuit

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