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What's The Fabric For The Tie?
Nov 24, 2017

What's the fabric for the tie?

Necktie is best made of silk fabric! Classification: tie fabric generally can be divided into yarn dyed silk tie, silk tie, tie dyed polyester, printing Disi tie (anti silk). With the emergence of new products is, there is now a part of silk or wool + 50%, + 50% polyester silk tie, but this kind of flower type no conventional fabric tie over. The so-called South Korean silk is polyester, this is just some domestic businesses as exports in foreign trade this is 100%polyester.

Tie fabric selection: General tie fabrics of silk, polyester knitting, woolen taffeta and pure sateen etc.. They have their own characteristics. Light and soft silk tie, more elastic, color crystal pattern and pleasing to the eye, quiet elegant silk tie of filled material is slightly higher, the best thick wool lining, so the hair feeling is very good, including smooth, tie in tie slightly crease; knitted polyester necktie rich and thick, good elasticity not easy to wrinkle, resilience is better than that of silk tie, lace up easily after staying with the crease, feel less silk tie slip, but due to texture, can give a person a kind of rough feeling, knot should be slightly relaxed, not easy to small matter; wool tie is mostly a thin plain cloth, such as black or dark brown varnish D, feel a sense of light was good impression with his department is dignified, generous, pure cotton satin taffeta tie is smooth and thick, with silk feeling, elegant colors and elegant, but the flexibility and resilience, water It loses luster, so it should not be washed frequently. When the choice, except knit tie, the fabric must be 45 is inclined, the bulk of the front end may not have any fabric defects, color, color or printing is not the phenomenon of homogeneous symmetric tie shape, smooth lines, not skewed bending, good leveling, back sewing stitches to neat uniform.

The choice of tie color: the color of tie should be determined according to the color and pattern of suit and shirt, and must be made to the depth of color, suitable for cold and warm. The depth of the suit, that is, a large area of color suits, tie small area as a supplement, to foil each other, embellishment, decoration. If the suit is dark, the tone of the tie can be lighter; if the suit is light or grey, the tie can be deep tone; the cool and warm phase is suitable, that is, the color and tone of the suit and tie should be coordinated. For example, the available and deep color tie intersecting light grey suit; in a blue suit available purple black stripes, dark tie pattern; oblique striped black suit available red and white, brown suit with silver gray color of an inclined tie; generally speaking, the number should be more than the number of tie in a suit, a suit can be prepared three to four tie, so even if the suit is often replaced, and often change tie, also can give people a new feeling.

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