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What Do You Pay Attention To In The Men's Interview?
Sep 08, 2017

What do you pay attention to in the men's interview?

What do you pay attention to in the men's interview? Hair: hair styling, hair clean, fresh and ensure it, men's best not to long hair, beard or nails, even for some creative and artistic nature of the job, the employer would like to see a vibrant "fresh" image. Tie: a pure silk tie produces the best professional effect, and is easiest to tie well, or choose a silk blend tie. Unless it's warm, you'd better not choose a linen tie, because it looks wrinkled easily. Avoid woolen ties. The color should try to choose a more sedate black, blue, and gray, with stripes or dots. Shirt: long sleeve + white is almost a good truth. Of course, other light colored shirts such as light blue or white stripes are not entirely undesirable. A single white shirt conveys a sense of honesty, intelligence and poise, and it should be your first choice. In short, the lighter the color, the more subtle the background, the better the impression. Suit: conservative dark blue or black, grey, most likely to be accepted, not in order to save money and pick a set or the people around to borrow, because cheap fabric visual effect is very poor, also easy to wrinkle, and mostly borrowed suit doesn't fit. A two - piece suit can best reflect a man's professional feeling. Belt: the belt should match the shoes. Therefore, blue, black and gray suits will need black belts and black shoes, and leather belts should be used in the leather. Footwear: shoes and clothing color should be coordinated, black socks (or other close to the black dark socks) + black lace up shoes is the most safe choice, the other will take too much risk! Socks should be wrapped and calf, and if you do not wear shoes should be upper lacing is shallow, simple and elegant style. Accessories: if any man can choose. In addition, any jewelry, such as jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, or commemorative badges, may send erroneous messages. If you wear a watch, you should show your poise. "Mickey Mouse" watches, sports watches, advertising watches and digital spreadsheets do not match professional attire. In any case, avoid looking like a cheap, shoddy gold watchband.

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