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Washing And Maintenance Of Business Tie
Aug 02, 2016

A wet washing method. To tie in with a paper template, with a soft brush or foam dipped a little diluted detergent wash, and then with a dry towel wipe the bubbles that appear, and then scrub with a clean damp towel. Second, the dry cleaning method. Soft brush dipped in a little petrol down the tie fabric tended to brush the stain until the petrol fumes after a volatile, again with a clean damp cloth wipe several times. Business ties after cleaning, ties on the internal edges on both sides of curling wand, this edge is not hot to DART, and lined with a piece of cloth on the business ties, with an electric iron to iron around pretty, needed in all parts of the broken shadow nature, taking control of iron temperature and speed. Silk and chemical fiber and blend fabrics usually required ironing temperature is 150 degrees Celsius, wool fabric controls the 180 degrees Celsius, but tie on ironing time with temperatures in the low 70 degrees Celsius for better. Wool tie should be mat white cloth, with the steam function ironing, silk ties to prevent Aurora when ironing and hot spots of yellow, accelerating the speed of ironing.

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