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Tie Selection And Identification, Quality Points, Ties, Common Sense
Aug 02, 2017

Tie selection and identification, quality points, ties, common sense

1. breed: tie breeds can be divided into colored tie, printed tie, jacquard tie and woven tie. In addition, hand drawn neckties and embroidered neckties are regarded as treasures.

2. tie pattern: flower type is varied, but common can be classified into five categories

A: the characteristics of oblique pattern is not left to right, spacing is 0.5-1 inch diagonal strips, is a traditional necktie pattern, solemn and dignified, commonly used in formal occasions.

Space pattern: it has diffuse flower pattern, and the shape of flowers should be spaced equally. It is suitable for outing or visiting friends.

Vegetarian material type: its characteristics are plain material, no flowers, only show fabric color, if it is matched with blue and green monochromatic suit, it is dignified and dignified. It is suitable for accessories of suit type uniforms.

Pezli class: Pezli is a city famous for fabric in Scotland. Its product patterns have local characteristics, and the flower patterns are more whirlpool shaped. They are especially lively and festive.

Plate like pattern: this kind of tie is extremely folded square scarf, although it has extensive applicability, but the fly in the ointment is too rigid.

3. tie styles: mainly is the width of the change. The commonly used width of 8-9 cm, the width of up to 12 cm, narrow only 5-7 cm, in our country, men's tie width is 8-8.5 cm, a tie for 7-8 cm, this change is often change with the width change suit collar and the collar, suit and the shirt collar width, the width of the tie becomes wide.

Selection of tie

When choosing a tie, you should pay attention to match the suit and shirt color, so that the tie, suit and shirt form a strong suit with a solid feeling. Some clothing critics have listed four basic color matching methods listed in the order of ties, shirts and suits:

1. thick, pale, pale blue suit, blue shirt group, with a blue tie, elegant, quiet, calm and steady performance of a person's temperament.

2., in short, thick, in contrast to the above, with a dark suit as the center, to the light, by gradually shallow both level and rhythm, such as brown tie. The performance of a person's calm and steady temperament, brown tie, real shirt brown, maroon suit, all blend into one harmonious whole. Very simple.

3. light, thick and light, with a dark shirt as the center, and light tie and light suit echoes, foreign call it "sandwich", although the language is humorous, but vividly illustrates the "two shallow pinch a deep" color features.

4. thick, pale and thick, such as violet (purple muddy blue) suit, with thick purple tie, contrast and gray shirt, as opposed to floating, character and elegant, is a common color of middle-aged people.

Identification of tie quality:

1, hand picked up the tie, you can start the big end, in order to see whether the weaving, dyeing, printing and other defects, especially in the big 33 cm must be neat and intact and clear. It's the main part of the chest because it's tied up.

2, with both hands long straight straight to see whether the tie straight. Special attention should be paid in the big head less than 33 cm can not be distorted.

3, hand grip in the middle of the tie, and then release, the tie should be restored immediately, flat, so that the tie lining of better quality, greater flexibility, the use of the process can be good shape, not easy to deformation.

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