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Tie Method
Jul 29, 2017

Tie method

A tie is the soul of a suit. In formal social events, it is better to wear a suit and tie, or bow tie. The length of the tie is appropriate to the buckle. If you wear a vest or sweater, tie should be placed behind them. The tie clip is usually between the four or five buttons of the shirt.

Wearing a suit, shirt sleeve should be suit sleeve 1 - 2 cm, shirt collar collar suit should be higher than 1 cm. The hem of the shirt must be put into the trousers. If you don't wear a tie, the neckline of your shirt should be open. In formal social occasions, the color of a shirt is preferably white.

As a classic male dress accessory, neckties have become the most frequent ornaments in elite men's wardrobes. Will tie is not surprising, if you learn to play the 10 tie that would make people sit up and take notice, the introduction of ten tie play diagrams, believe in accordance with the decomposition step of the picture and its practice, and soon will be able to easily get started.

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