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Thomas British Open Wearing Costume, Like To Wear Polo Shirt And Tie
Jul 22, 2017

Thomas British Open wearing costume, like to wear polo shirt and tie

Beijing time on July 21st, earlier this week, Justin Thomas in the British Open on the unique dress on the attention. In the first round of the Royal Burke DELL, Thomas appeared on the court in a retro costume, which was his own idea.

Thomas didn't wear plain Golf attire: pants and a short sleeved T-shirt with a collar, but with Polo, who designed a coat. This coat includes a shirt, a tie and a cardigan. This is obviously the dress of the British open.

"I feel like this is the only game I'm going to wear without getting punished."." Thomas said he liked to tie a tie outside the Polo shirt, and he walked through it like that in the 2013 Walker cup. It was very good.

Thomas, 24, won 4 PGA tours, three of which were recorded after October last year. It's his second British Open this year. He was among the top ten in the Grand Slam, and Thomas tied for ninth place in the Ai Linshan open at the United States last month.

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