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The Two Changes In The Tie
Mar 08, 2018

The two changes in the tie

1, two knots, the length of the tie of 1:4

This is a formal tie the traditional style of play, the single node in step 2, the long side of the end of the right neck to the left, then around the left side of a long end is still on the left, the remaining steps are the same. This is equal to more than a knot, so at the beginning, the left side should be a bit longer, the proportion should be changed to 1:4, the short side is roughly located at the two fingers above the nipple.

Percent HOW hints: double knot method to play a larger tie, so it is not suitable for narrow tie.

2, the casual way, the length of the tie of 1:2

This kind of English wind or casual wind tie method, tie end on the navel, so the beginning of the time, the length of the two sides should be changed to 1:2, and do not tighten after playing, so that it doesn't look too serious.

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