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The Tie Is Right. The Suit Looks 10 Times More Expensive.
Jan 06, 2018

The tie is right. The suit looks 10 times more expensive.

Here people always say "every man inside the closet there are a few decent suit, there are two pairs of shiny Italy handmade shoes, but suit to do better, buy more expensive shoes, tie not to choose it only semi-finished products.

Of course, now there's no law to wear a suit and tie, suit even + T-shirt / turtleneck this fashionable outfit with no shirt. But it doesn't mean that you will not take away your tie, because no matter in the workplace or if you prefer gentlemen, you can't say tie is necessary, but tie must be necessary.

For instance:

In some formal places, such as some star hotel lounge and a little-known restaurant, after 6 pm will set a sign at the door: Suit & Tie Required, the meaning is: do not wear pants vest in, tie means "respect", especially when traveling abroad. A lot of delicacy Raiders will remind with a suit and tie, or may be able to experience some of the better restaurants.

So today to talk to you how to tie a tie Group & Pick & match, then your collar has become the art of.

Don't look at the place where a little bit shows out, but the influence of the tie is really big. It can let you be noticed, and the right collocation can make your whole temperament different. Tie collocation is the man's most painful single item. It really tests your beauty.

Hint 1: focus on a color, use contrast color to refresh the mind, to avoid a strong sense of conflict caused by contrast color. The color of shirts and suits must be considered as the main part of the 70% area in the visual effect.

Hint 2: whether it is silk or wool material, the pattern should be in contrast to the pattern of the garment. It can not be mixed into one piece, and it is not clear.

Tip 3: don't take this seriously "Three Theory" theory, that is less than the level of Baidu know, fool the student party barely, does not apply to almost know this depth of knowledge community, a black suit, white shirt + + red tie, and a pattern without saturation, also is extremely high, but not to go in the young pioneers please don't spoil yourself.

Tip 4: if you are a rookie please do not choose clamoring for color, color, low saturation and low earth colors are your companions, plain overall gives people a feeling of low-key luxury. Of course it is plain black tie, various occasions can Hold live, from the wedding to the funeral, from school to university you won the Nobel prize for speech.


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