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The Difference Between Silk Satin And Crepe De Chine
Nov 24, 2017

The difference between silk satin and crepe de Chine

The difference between silk satin and silk crepe, satin is a traditional silk fabric, popular time has been a long time, and has been in the silk fabric occupy a very important position. There is a satin silk satin, smooth and shiny; one side is not so smooth, crepe, not so shiny. But the application of satin is very wide, clothing, scarves, neckties, textile, headwear and so on, is a variety of the most widely used in silk fabrics. Then the satin shrinkage is very small, generally in the 3%-5%, almost negligible.

Silk it is both crepe silk fabrics. In fact, literally, which side is the satin crepe satin side, which both sides are crepe de chine. Crepe used in clothing more and more suitable for fashion clothing, have good drape. Crepe shrinkage is relatively large, generally around 10%, doing clothes must be pre shrunk.

Then common satin and a common crepe de Chine, which is made of silk, very soft waxy, have little Pearl luster.

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