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The Comments Of High-grade Silk Mark
Nov 04, 2017

The comments of high-grade silk mark

In March and April this year, high-grade silk logo will be carried out in the country, this sign will be widely used in high-grade silk scarves, neckties, silk clothing such silk products. Authoritative news from Chinese Silk Association said, at present around the silk mark certification related preparatory work has been completed, the audit is being submitted to the State Trademark bureau.

The successful promotion and use of international wool mark, not only to effectively curb counterfeit products spread all over the world, but also to establish and consolidate the two Australia New Zealand wool production country in the international wool market status. The Chinese silk industry warning and touch is huge. The industry a common view is that the high-grade silk mark the establishment, implementation, marking China's silk industry began to enter the high-end chain, from raw materials to the end product competition, brand competition.

Fan Xun, vice president of China silk association:

High-grade silk mark in March and April this year will be launched in the country. The promotion of silk logo is of great significance to the development of silk industry in China and even the world. It is an important measure for China to change from a silk power to a silk power. At present, the logo attracts the attention of foreign enterprises, and the implementation of the logo is an important part of actively cultivating and developing China's silk international brand. Vigorously promote the use of high-grade silk logo, like the international pure wool logo as the whole industry to promote development, and make it gradually from raw materials to finished products in all aspects of the international influence of the brand system. In order to do well in this work, we should promptly introduce the "high-grade silk logo governance measures", "high-grade silk logo quality manual" and related accessories. The introduction of logo requires high standard and high starting point, and the review procedure should be transparent and the social surveillance mechanism should be introduced.

Market operation regulation of Ministry of Commerce Secretary Wang Beiying:

In the past years, India imposed high anti-dumping duties on raw silk under class 2A or 2A grades, which was checked by customs grade, resulting in the obstruction of China's silk export to India market, which had a great impact. Over the years, the annual export volume of our silk silk trade accounted for more than 80% of the total world, and to the below grade 3A silk export, year of more than $4 billion in exports of silk white silk export, easily cause anti-dumping rising competition. Especially in recent years, the United Nations, Japan, France and other India, Brazil, Vietnam support the silk industry, making these countries have become China's silk industry competitors. In this situation, the implementation of high-grade silk mark is more necessary. In the face of foreign competitors, silk industry should strive to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and the establishment and promotion of its own famous brands.

Wang Wei, President of Zhejiang silk association:

The reason why Italy's silk products are famous in the world is related to their dyeing and finishing technology, but their outstanding brand strategy is obvious to all. Italy silk industry at present the same use of trademark, business covers 1000 companies and 400 companies for scarves, shawls, furniture fabrics, andswimsuits silk fabric, the credibility and quality of manufactured goods of raw materials to ensure the effect of authority, which greatly increases the added value of products. Italy company has provided a exemplariness model for us, but our silk product quality, enterprise development level is uneven, so the formal introduction of the Silk Mark, should choose a number of well-known, high market share of the enterprise, such as the national and provincial title of brand-name products, or have been formed the implementation of production capacity and market reputation excellent quality products, which marks the core layer to promote the use of silk.

Zhejiang Silk Technology Co. Ltd. expert Zhou Ying:

In Europe, a silk georgette scarf, the number of price of 10 euros, a good brand can be sold for more than 200 euros, a silk tie price in dozens of euros to more than 100 euros. In contrast, we lead

With the "value" is much lower, "tie township" Shengzhou every year exports of neckties up to 500 million, accounting for 20 of the world's tie sales 1 / 3, but even each price is only a little more than a few yuan. Even more embarrassing is that many of the "high value" tie is produced with Chinese silk, and a considerable part of our domestic OEM production. The implementation of high-grade silk logo will be helpful for Chinese silk enterprises to strengthen brand awareness and promote the process of silk branding.

The general manager of the company Hu Jingen kaixiya silk:

The implementation of silk logo is undoubtedly a way to strengthen the brand strategy, and the foundation of brand strategy is to implement the product. Domestic silk has long terminal products in the international market is not up, in addition to silk printing and dyeing and finishing level has gap with the international advanced level indeed, whether products conform to the international trend of fashion is also worth pondering the beat, enterprise. Enterprises should take the technological progress as the guide, take the product as the leader, and start from the breeding and promotion of high-quality silkworm varieties, to solve the key technology of raw cocoon production, automatic silk reeling, shuttle weaving, deep dyeing and finishing.

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