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The Characteristics Of Polyester Fabric
Aug 19, 2017

The characteristics of polyester fabric

The characteristics of polyester fabric, polyester fabric is made of super hollow wire Aerocapsule (hollow ratio 35%-40%) woven fabrics, containing a large number of DEADAIR (not air flow), light and warm, but also has a moderate ventilation performance, without mugginess. The low cost for polyester, clothing lining, tie, embroidery thread, underwear...... Feel rough, no silk, feel smooth, but gloss is good, used for men's tie. Generally can be divided into yarn dyed silk tie, silk tie, tie dyed polyester, printing Disi tie (anti silk). With the emergence of new products is, there is now a part of silk or wool + 50%, + 50 polyester silk tie, but this kind of flower type no conventional fabric tie over. The so-called South Korean silk is polyester, this is just some domestic businesses as exports in foreign trade this is 100%POLYESTER. Static electricity will attract dust, which is the characteristic of most chemical fiber fabrics.

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