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The Art Of Men's Ties
Aug 23, 2017

The art of men's ties

The fabric of a tie is the key to its quality. A good general tie is choice of silk satin, satin, semi shameuse etc., because of its soft texture can be easily knotted, floating on his broad chest, make the man more masculine. Of course, wool, cotton fabric, blended fabric, and so on. Natural plants are good, but if you don't ask for too much quality, the fabric will stain easily, which will make your tie shine like a metallic luster.

A tie, on the face of it, is just a band. If you're creative, it doesn't matter how you want it. However, to attend formal occasions, or do not be too unconventional. Here we introduce two common systems.

French knot:

1 tie the tie around the neck and keep the wide side longer than the narrow side so that the wide side bypasses the narrow side and surrounds the collar's collar.

2. Turn the wide side around the narrow side and circle around the collar of the collar.

3, broadside, and then pass through the ring around the hole, taut and straightened.

English knot:

1, tie around neck tie wide left on one side to side than the long narrow and wide narrow side to side, and through the back from the collar ring part.

2, and then from back to front and from the collar ring below through.

3. After wearing, the wide side passes through the ring hole around it and is stretched and straightened.

Wear a tie and have a little detail to watch out for. French knot, because of its less complex method and plump shape, so the best choice is a thin fabric of silk or tie knot; British delicate fabric tie for any department of law.

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