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The 6 Step Is Bow Tie Tie In 5 Seconds? People With Disabilities Can Learn Easily
May 13, 2017

The 6 step is bow tie Tie in 5 seconds? People with disabilities can learn easily

Ties and bow tie is important when the men's dress collocation, but I believe there are a lot of men had this little piece of cloth and anxious sweating, no matter how many tutorials still rush, not to mention quickly lay a perfect tie or fasten an elegant tie. We've searched the Internet for secrets of some of the people, bringing the gospel to men, and taking a few easy steps to tie ties and ties.

For Chinese men, there are not many occasions to tie a bow tie. It is generally possible to see Black Tie's dress code on the invitation letter. That means you need to wear a black tuxedo - to put it simply, a black tie. This requirement comes more often at parties, private dinners, weddings, parties, and other formal occasions. In fact, collar and tie is unusual accessories, will make your whole dress is very dynamic, but has been very Chinese men and there is no such occasion dress habits, and it causes more people do not often wear is not so easy to play, tie, tie will let they know the other is out of the ordinary, but it is difficult to tie or complain, trouble. But with more practice and patience, you'll realize that it's not as hard to tie a bow tie as you think.

Today, let's face up to this problem, and follow the people on the Internet to learn how to make a beautiful bow tie with 6 simple steps.

  1. put your collar up and tie your bow around your neck so that both ends hang in front of your shirt. One end should be about 2.5 centimeters higher than the other.

2. pass the long side through the short side, then cross the long side from below through the short side and tie a knot at the throat. The strength of the knot should be just as good as tightening your neck.

3. fold the short edge so that it has the shape of a bow tie and puts it right. The center of the bow tie should be the shortest part of your bow tie.

4. make the long side pass through the center of the short side and hold the middle position tightly.

5 grasp the long side of the width of the rear position, will pull to tie long. Then make the long side pass through the middle slot and tie the bow tie at the throat.

6. gently strain your bow tie until you feel your throat slightly tight. Put down the collar of the shirt and put the collar behind the bow tie. Be accomplished!

Here comes the tie

Why should a man wear a tie? It may be to hide the buttons on the shirt, or to add color to a single tone dress, or simply to attract attention, to look more professional.

In the classic suit in the world, there are at least 18 kinds of tie line method, all nodes play known as Kelvin, Nicky, Plattsburgh, England and Chester and so on, people are still trying to invent new knotting method. But for a busy office worker or business elite, time is money, and the simpler the system, the more it is worth learning. There is a Master network, on the Youtube Crazy Russian Hacker (network called Taras name Kul), teach you in time of emergency, to fasten an easy job to do a tie, Department of law he displayed in the video, from the beginning to the end is only about 5 seconds.

Here is a detailed explanation of the method:

"You have to grab the thicker section of the tie and put it here, like a crest, and then wear the back part, grab it like this, roll it into a circle, and put it in your hand.". When you have finished, you just need to wrap it around your neck, grab the ring with your fingers, push it over, pull it down, and then just adjust it!"

See, you see? I don't understand. It doesn't matter. Just follow your old ways. After all, not everyone can become a man, but practice makes perfect.

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