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Teach You How To | Collocation Suits And Ties Men In Full Dress Graphic
Jan 31, 2018

Teach you how to | collocation suits and ties men in full dress graphic

How many friends do not know in men's dress collocation, this paper explain in detail for you, a full set of combination Tie Shirt vest belt leather shoes for men from head to foot, for you to choose!

 1. tie should be matched with the width of the barge (that is, the lapel of the suit).


2. generally, the narrower the barge is, the more fashionable it is! The broad refutation looks old-fashioned and conservative, reminiscent of the American style that was once popular 50 years ago.

3. in addition to the square and tie, shaking show. The chest pocket with a towel can make you look more elegant, but remember, although materials and patterns do not tie with the same. Before the degenerated into an antique in your towel, remember to wear a suit is the highest degree of freedom, can show the personality of place.

 4. if you want to buy a garment suit, the first thing to pay attention is whether the shoulder is fit or not. The shoulder should be just and shoulder width, not too long, not too high.

5. if the distance between the collar of the coat and the collar of a shirt is too large, it means that the unfit suit is borrowed from your brother or uncle.  

6. black suit is the first choice of funeral. If you only want to buy a suit, then choose the dark gray. It is more suitable for different colors and different styles of clothing.  

7. belt color should be the same as leather shoes, do not choose too wide belt.


8. the colors of the suit should match the color of the leather shoes.


9. on both sides of the two sides are more fashionable. Why? One reason is enough: it looks cool when the hand is in the pocket.



10. if you want to wear casual feel, on the choice of single button collar suit.

 11. if it is to attend a formal event, choose the two buttons in the following style.

12. using this "Saville Street" method, your pants won't slide down from the hangers.

13. see whether the chest is suitable, fasten the button, see whether the hand is still able to slide between the clothes and the chest.


14. you must remember to unbutton the button before you sit down, or the best suits may be broken by the broken button.


15. buckle of the suit buckle the top of the button, or three buckle the most middle button of the suit, the position can not be lower than the navel.


16., don't try to tie the tie outside the Windsor knot. According to your face, decide whether to use half Windsor knot or Windsor knot. If you don't know your face is big or small, ask your male friends that their evaluation will be more objective.


17. when you wear a vest, don't fasten the bottom button. It is true that some people can still take off suit coat gracefully in the case of all buttons on the horse's vest, which we usually call models.


18., in cold weather, if you still need to wear a suit, you can wear a vest. It can achieve a warm sweater equivalent to a sweater, but its appearance is ten thousand times better.



19. shirts is 1 centimeters longer than that of the coat. A truly exquisite gentleman will make the length of the shirt cuff out of the back, the height of the shirt over the collar of the coat.

20. decided to buy a suit before, you must first prepare a sharp knife or scissors. Because you want to pick the mark on the pocket and the cuff on the slot. The retention of a trademark makes you think you have passed through the present time of the Republic of China.

21. socks should be long enough to sit down and you can't show their hairy legs.



22. at any time, the color of the tie is darker than the shirt.



23. the length of a formal suit jacket should be able to cover the zipper on the trousers.



24. the lower end of the tie should not fall below the belt.

25. now more popular to wear trousers, is the length of just touches the shoes. The trousers cover shoes to wear is old-fashioned.


26. easy to sweat? Then wear a pair of underwear, the best choice of deep V collar underwear. Even if you follow all the notices mentioned earlier, exposing the edge of your underwear will make you zero.  

 27. finally, when the tie is fastened, you have a dimple. A perfect suit, no fold in any place, except here.

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