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Summer Casual Tie Matching Method
Aug 02, 2016

Casual tie matching method: casual tie and coat color with the color, different pattern matching method to tie background is light brown and twill with the jacket of the same color, with a white shirt is very gentle. Casual tie and shirt colors with the color, different pattern matching method of plain yellow tie with a yellow striped shirt, make people look very fresh. Casual ties of different color, pattern, complete with shirt and jacket, contrast matching dark red Plaid tie white background by gray-striped shirt and gray suit jacket, gleaming in the eclectic chic. Plain shirt and tie and suit collocation method is plain shirts and a variety of patterns, color tie to match. Color of the shirt and tie or the same color or color contrasts with the tie looks good. Whether matching stripes, squares or flower design without errors. If you select a variety of colors and patterns in the casual tie, pay attention to any of the colors in the pattern and color shirt or suit, effects would be icing on the cake.

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