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Such A High-end Western Style Tie Knot Of Men To Play
Nov 16, 2017

Such a high-end western style tie knot of men to play

How difficult is tie knot?

Such a high-end western style tie knot play, the men quickly collection, girls to your TA ~ capital utility!

Tie and scarf is not the same in the men's conference box appears two kinds of single product, can be regarded as an accessory to use, such as the scarf in the coat collar jacket and scarf is like the periphery, like nature itself one, it is also not uncommon, 15 years ago, Leonardo in the "cat and mouse" in the play, put a so fashionable decent fraud recidivist deduction, probably only him.

Although do not have the temperament of Leonardo, but he did these collocation perfect collocation materials, plaid tie in neat shirt collar, a suit or jacket can be, as long as remember a checkered scarf gently through the fine coat collar to make it freely hanging in the chest. Make your scarf and tie echo was just perfect.

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