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Striped Shirt And What Type Of Business Tie
Aug 02, 2016

Men's wardrobe may no brightly colored pants, there can be no strong and handsome leather, but it must have utility for shirts and ties. Among them, the striped shirt and tie is a popular dress with element and want to take beautiful striped shirt and tie element, it is necessary to carefully select the right business ties. Then, striped shirt and what type of business ties will be more perfect? Court a stately thin Plaid silk ties: stylish, smart, atmospheric, is the choice of matching striped shirts; Court two, happy, stable business Twill silk tie, 100% silk and twill perfect festive combination, a unique interpretation of the male aura; Court three, reflective, charming small floral silk ties: intelligent, rational, fashion, the interpretation of genteel elegance of high society.

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