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Differentiation, transformation and development of tie industry in Shengzhou
Nov 22, 2017

Shengzhou necktie industry hundred flowers, differentiation, transformation and development

The traditional textile industry in Shengzhou developed, and the block featured economic foundation was solid. After 30 years of innovation and development, Shengzhou has emerged as the "tie at home and abroad well-known, far and near the village", at present, a total of more than 1000 enterprises, the production of tie, employing nearly 50 thousand people, with an annual output of 250 million ties, the total domestic production of 90% of the total world production of 70%.

On the basis of this distinctive block economy, the diversified development of industry is an important means to promote the upgrading of Shengzhou's industrial structure and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the city. Relying on the industrial agglomeration, according to the requirements of market development, in order to tie industrial cluster based on the advantages of Shengzhou textile and garment products covered by the textile raw materials, clothing, clothing, woven silk textile, leather bags and other industries, a wide range, rich in content, the emergence of "BABEI" and "McDearm" and "yashilin" 6 A Well-Known Trademark in China. In recent years, "Seoul", "double", the "transit" enterprise innovation and development, enrich the types of Home Furnishing decoration, sports and leisure and other new fashion products, improve the industrial structure of Shengzhou fashion.

Shengzhou local government led the establishment of a variety of public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide space for development and innovation services, and hold up the entire industry chain. The tie industry in Shengzhou is getting rid of the embarrassment brought by the pains and shadows, and embarked on a differentiated development road of letting a hundred schools of thought contend and letting a hundred flowers blossom.

Seoul: Textile necktie industry is not only a new lease on life stirring "river"

Shengzhou Keer tie Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999, now renamed Shengzhou Keer Textile Co. Ltd., is a comprehensive set of development, production and sales of jacquard fabric enterprises. After nearly 20 years of development, on the basis of Seoul textile design and technology, quality and process for the protection, continuous exploration, has become the "complete category, creative fashion, excellent quality" of the domestic famous enterprises jacquard fashion fabrics. The company serves a number of European high-end and luxury brands, the Spanish royal fashion designer with Seoul textile jacquard fabric for the Royal custom dress.

In 2008 the financial crisis caused by a hitherto unknown impact on the tie industry, textile firms began to gradually transition the production of jacquard fabric, is the first batch of Shengzhou from the transition to tie production fashion apparel fabrics production enterprises. "Tie industry" has become the peak of the past, the company needs to seek a way out through innovation, the best way is to transform on the basis of the original, at that time we put the direction of the clothing fabric." Liu Shiying, general manager of the company said.

Liu Shiying recalls, the old equipment to do the product quality can not meet the requirements of the customer, the company with high labor costs pressure, through technical transformation, to maximize the capacity. Liu Shiying said: "through the transformation and upgrading of the company, more than 3 meters loom used to do 1.5 meters of products, reduce labor costs, benefits can increase 20% ~ 40%."

At present, Seoul textile jacquard with the world's most advanced production equipment, has a total of nearly 100 Taiwan jacquard loom, including Italy 340CMSMIT ultra wide high-speed rapier jacquard machine, jacquard 340CM Belgium Picanol PICANOL, the monthly production capacity of nearly 200 thousand meters; the enterprise has from the procurement of raw materials, weaving, printing and dyeing, postprocessing, full marketing the industrial chain management capabilities, and continuously explore the mode of thinking innovation, using data management, with modern technology, implementation of flexible management.

Liu Shiying emphasizes that the design and R & D team owned by the company is the core advantage. The design team, combined with the international market trend of clothing fabric, style, style, can more accurately carry out women's jacquard fabric product development. The company also hired designers from Italy to come and interact with our design team every quarter, bringing their latest inspiration and improving our original level."

This year, the textile had appeared in the "thirty-seventh (spring 2018) China fashion fabric". For this honor, Liu Shiying think very transparent, "the industry can be selected in so many textile enterprises, not our past, but our present and future, which is the entire textile industry in Shengzhou is also an incentive.". Now everyone is advocating transformation and upgrading, but the transformation to where? Where is the direction of development? I think companies should be calm to judge the added value behind the product."

Silk fabric: double suction eye and multi suction gold

Shengzhou Shuangli Silk Jacquard Weaving Co., Ltd is a leader in the field of Chinese silk tie. The novelty seeking personality, widely exists in the pursuit of modern life, many enterprises have insight into this, this turn, Shuangli is aimed at men jacquard fabric.

"As a latecomer, we are an explorer in the field of men's jacquard fabrics," said Feng Wenying, general manager of the company. She told a "joke", the company 5 years ago with men's jacquard products to participate in China international textile fabrics and accessories fair, organizers do not even know where to put these products in the exhibition. "Because there's only women's clothing for jacquard, there's no jacquard area for men at that time."

All along, the ever-changing jacquard fabric seems to be a woman's love, but Feng Wenying keen insight into the world of the dull men. The potential market demand, the next few years will probably become the mainstream, it is double predict this market opportunity, the transformation of enterprises located in the men's Jacquard fabric.

Now the jacquard elements in the men's shirt, coat, trousers, jackets and so will be reflected. "Once small orders, now spend ten thousand or twenty thousand meters single monochrome many orders, just have a guest two color light is a flower on a one-time fixed fifty thousand meters, indicating that the customers of our double menswear fabrics increasingly recognized."  Feng Wenying said with a smile.

Feng Wenying believes that the jacquard fabric is fashionable men's punchline, market in the future will be the emergence of more jacquard fashion. Companies to do silk origin, this feature is also reflected in men's fabrics. Silk jacquard fabric has many varieties, complex manufacturing process, warp and weft are interwoven into different patterns, forming a high density, high density, concave convex, delicate, smooth and unique texture, and good gloss. Jacquard fabrics have large and exquisite patterns, clear colors, strong stereoscopic feeling, novel design, unique style, soft handle and bright luster.

Feng Wenying said, this industry market scale is huge, can integrate a considerable benefit jacquard personalized customization platform, to meet people's clothing, living and line personalized consumption demand. To this end, she put forward the "individualization Shuangli fashion": the use of many years in the field of double jacquard B2B, D2B experience, through the Internet and big data, provide free design, small batch and multi variety, personalized mode of production, so as to realize from the start of raw materials customization, breaking the original focus on shallow level of custom clothing size.

Transit group: the future development of the industry have focused on

With the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" construction, the trade structure of textile and garment industry has changed significantly. China and ASEAN, China and Western Asia countries, textile yarn, fabrics and other export scale rapidly increased. Some enterprises with "The Belt and Road along the country cooperation, greatly enhance the competitiveness and internationalization progress. Enterprises have to seize new opportunities The Belt and Road "to bring progress and international competitiveness, which is a transit group.

Transit group as a set of investment, textile in one of the Integrated Company, the textile production base mainly concentrated in Shengzhou, the production and operation of various silk silk, women's fashion fabrics, textile fabrics, Home Furnishing tie tie scarves and clothing, Shengzhou is the earlier production of cylinder silk enterprises, has the world advanced production equipment and testing, research and development equipment.

The company responsible for the transit mainly for the existing technology to upgrade products. The company began to dabble in textile and garment fabric in four years ago, last year with the new equipment investment, started contact with seamless wallcloth. "We only serve the brand, the brand is the personality and originality of the brand enterprise, we should gradually abandon the concept of wholesale."

In the development of "The Belt and Road" market, pioneering, breakthrough, integration and fusion has become a key transit consideration.  Jacquard fabrics tend to give people a sense of crisp, heavy feeling, transit break through this technology, in the development of new spring and summer in 2018, according to the characteristics of thin silk products, developed jacquard products with elegant sense of the. At the same time hold "The Belt and Road construction opportunities, multi force in functional fiber, mint fiber, silk and hemp grass fiber, fiber and fiber Caoshanhu wormwood herb fiber acclaimed. "We should not only break through the original product state, combine with the direction of the current national policy, do the leading products, and then we will cooperate with the colleges and universities, they are in the research of plant refining", the person in charge said.

It is understood that not only now, not only in terms of product design, transit also always insist on improving the green manufacturing level. The use of energy-saving equipment and energy-saving advanced technology in all aspects of enterprises, enhance the level of energy saving enterprises; ecological dyeing and finishing technology and the development of low energy consumption, low water consumption, low pollutant emissions; the natural fiber and recycled fiber products applied to clothing fabric and textile.

At the same time, to further improve the quality of products and accelerate product development, in the progress of science and technology, design innovation, process reliability, strict standards, strict control, advanced equipment and other aspects, to enhance the quality of textile products quality. And through the high-end textile products, personalized, leisure, intelligent and low carbon environmental protection and other aspects of research and development, to provide more differentiated and meet consumer demand products.

At the same time, with the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but clearly recognize the technical skills of personnel of multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, personalized, comprehensive and strong demand is increasing. Innovative personnel training mechanism is the top priority of enterprise development, the company spared no cost to encourage and cultivate useful talents of enterprises. Company executives cite an example: "the company is willing to spend the principal, each go out to participate in the exhibition, the average booth will bring 3 employees, let them go to study outside, increase knowledge, which also from another point of view to increase employees' stickiness of the company."."

The textile industry is the leading industry and pillar industry in Shengzhou, the vitality of the enterprise development, personality charm for the industry to achieve rapid development has injected a tonic". All enterprises have to grasp the product upgrade, grasp the market demand consciousness, bigger and stronger textile industry in Shengzhou is just around the corner.

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