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Selection Of Tie Colors
Mar 23, 2018

I believe that the majority of male friends in the choice of tie, color, pattern, pattern, etc., spend their brains, tried every means, it is difficult to choose to be truly satisfied, full of taste and grade tie, in order to help Most male friends have chosen a good tie that matches their own. I purposely collected and used some common and classic tie selection methods for everyone. I hope to be useful for everyone!

First of all, the price of the tie with the basic color matching principles:


      Complementary color: The correct color on the color wheel. Such as red and green, green and orange, complementary color can form a sharp contrast, and sometimes can receive significant results.

      Approximate color: adjacent colors on the color wheel. Like red and orange or purple, yellow and grass green or orange. The color effect is soft.

      The same color: the same color, but different shades, light and shade. Matching the same color is soft and elegant, if the clothing fabrics elegant, stand out noble, full of men's character.

      Warm and cool: Approximate colors include warm (red, orange, yellow), cool (green, blue, purple). Designers often love to use 2, 3 related colors to construct the theme, choose 2 warm colors and 1 cool color or 2 cold and 1 warm to create dynamic harmony. Such as navy blue suits, light blue shirts, and red tie with blue oblique stripes match.

      Middle colors: shades of white, black, and gray. For example, beige cardigans, white shirts, and gray sweaters match. Although it does not look lively and unassuming, it is worth remembering.

      Seasonal color: A certain color is particularly suitable for a season. For example, green is suitable for spring, blue is suitable for summer, rust, brown, and burgundy are suitable for autumn.

      Contrast: Try a match between 1 bright and 2 dark or 1 dark box 2 clear.

      The visual illusion of light and shade; the bright color makes the untitled look convex, while the dark color has a retrograde effect, so thin people wear brighter, fat people wear darker looks better.

The basic choice of tie color:


    Generally speaking, men should have at least one white or blue shirt. As for how to tie a shirt, generally there should be at least a tie of pure navy or wine red (dark red) for normal use during the day. There should also be a silk jacquard tie (weave tie) or a pure black tie for participation. Replace the bow tie with a formal dinner.

How should we choose shirts?

  Choose the tie first. How to choose a shirt is a good choice. In general, the shirt should have a color that matches the color of the tie. The pattern of the tie should be more prominent and more prominent than the shirt. Also, the selected pattern can be used in bright shirts and ties. However, do not press the shirt on the tie.

Ties with:

  Forever fashion with: white or light blue shirt with a single color or a prominent pattern tie.

  This is a timeless approach to matching, but it will also suit any occasion. (Everybody must remember!)


One, aqua blue shirt, tie tie

      The blue shirt is a favorite style for many men. Through a softer treatment on the color, a touch of blue, a comfortable tone, and a lot of serious atmosphere; with a twill tie of the same color, it can be simple Express the principle of taste

Second, white shirt, dark blue checkered tie

      A simple white shirt is the preferred choice for men. A tie with a square pattern will not appear monotonous. However, even if it is a plain white shirt, it can be different. Visual effect.

Third, white blue striped shirt, tie tie

      Through striped reorganization, arrangement and the same color combination, striped shirts are actually one of the most expensive items that men need to invest in. Without the monotony of a plain shirt, it is even more addictive. I am sure you will not hear that the male shirt is immutable.


Fourth, camel striped shirt, blue check tie

      In addition to plain shirts, striped shirts are quite worthwhile reference for office workers. The effect of stretched shape is also made by the modification of the stripes, and the contrast of the camel-colored striped shirt and the blue checked tie helps to highlight your style of dress.

Fifth, gray shirt, square check tie

      Neutral shades of gray are one of the corners of men's shirts. Through professional colors, you can show your professionalism. With tie-shaped ties, you can create a rich expression in simple.

Six, blue striped shirt, tie tie

  Fine pencil-like stripes, a steady and comfortable blue tone, and a pink tie with a contrasting effect are bolder ways to match, but never lose the taste, and you are guaranteed to make you the focus of your office.

Seven, brown shirt, square check tie

      The earth tone of coffee is a popular color in recent years. Through the same color tie, it can easily express the fashionable attitude that men should have, and show a different taste from others.


Eighth, checkered shirt, tie tie

      The finest houndstooth pattern is the first choice for retro, and the young and vibrant colors allow the houndstogether to produce a more lively sense of the times. With a twill tie of the same color, it does not seem too exaggerated, but it is even more vibrant.


Nine, blue check shirt, tie tie

      Small and regular checkered shirt with light blue tone and a more elegant twill tie produce a harmonious temperament. It is one of the collocations of males that can be referenced by a position. The overall elegance and gentleman style.


    Ten, light blue check shirt, tie tie

      Regular plaid shirts are the styles that many office workers are afraid to touch. In fact, as long as the colors and arrangements are stable, you do not need to worry too much. Plaid shirt with a contrasting twill tie reveals your extraordinary and unique vision, which is believed to be loved by confident men.

These are the basic common sense of some necktie choices. Due to the diversity of neckties, the culture and preferences of various countries, the styles and patterns of flowers and shades are dazzling. In view of the relationship between space, we introduce them here first!

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