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Men's Suits, Tie Personality, Color Matching, How To Do?
Aug 07, 2017

Men's suits, tie personality, color matching, how to do?

Men wear ties and women wear so as to increase the color after rising personal charm, for personal dress color collocation, tie is a necessary accessories. Usually without a tie, it's not like a gentleman. The suit and shirt collocation in tie will also be the focus of a good, general collocation, showing that you create new styles gentleman charm, will make you more color, and collocation is not good to let you fall into dilemma, destroy the original suit charm, tie selection is carefully selected.

1, shirt collar and tie between the absolute void, there must be solid. Slack and sluggish.

The standard length of 2, the best cover waist tie.

3, Tie Clip Notes and tie the right sweater tie clip should be fourth buttons on the shirt under two cm.

4, if it is out of some senior party, must use the collar, to highlight the distinguished unique taste.

The tie goes with the suit and the shirt

In the different colors of the suit, infer the best shirts, and the tie colors. Come and see!

1, dark blue suits can match some dark tie, will be more prominent class sense, such as deeper than the suit blue, shirt collocation mainly with white and bright blue based.

2, gray suit, in addition to gray tie, but also can match some of the more subtle color, such as green, Huang Hezhuan color, with Light Department shirt with the main.

3, green suits can match their own color green tie, brown and brick red can also be competent. Gray or blue and brown shirts are better for a green suit.

4, blue suit for the tie will be more relaxed, as long as not too exaggerated color can match with, pink, yellow. Gray shirts and blue suits are in control.

5, black tie, white shirt, black suit has become a traditional gentleman classic trilogy, black suit is all-match, shirts and ties of choice should be coordinated.

6, the red suit relative to the ups and downs, so the dark colored suit and tie is the best choice.

The above method is suit and tie collocation, collocation more traditional, such collocation is to make the benefits of their own charm can be reflected, a suit of the punchline in the bosom of his tie above, when not using a suit tie, the feeling is very casual, and collocation is another tie will not the same style, is the embodiment of a gentleman's style of feeling.

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