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Men's Shirt And Tie Combination Method
Aug 02, 2016

Matching items have a lot of men's clothing, ties, bow ties, suit Pocket scarf, compared with tie, suit Pocket scarf, tie without losing the style. Men typically with shirt and tie matching, reflected how the unique tie of the match result? 1, color affects the quality of the shirt. Because the primary color of light blue shirts, was demonstrated by fresh air, suitable for white-skinned boys. With a black bow tie, can show men's steady temperament, while making your handsome became more refined. 2, tie with a shirt. Shirts with vertical stripes element as the main fashion elements, combining white with blue, showing a boy professionalism. Beige in color and pockets, so choice with bow tie wearer is creamy-white echoed more unified style. 3. tie reflects a person's gentleman. Retro color of men's shirts, exudes a strong nostalgic atmosphere. And relaxed tailoring, not only make Joker clothing becomes more intense leisure temperament, modify your body, become even more handsome. In addition, light blue tie also has the literary temperament, fit well and coat styles.

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