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The Celtic commentator in the LOL League is a panda tie
Jan 19, 2018

LPL occupation League Celtic tie _ League anchor tie game commentator panda tie

In July 17, 2015 LPL QG of the KING clan occupation League host with Panda Meng Da tie

The coloured cartoon panda narrow tie worn by the host doll and Miller is very stylish! The Meng side show host!

The just finished 2015 summer professional league QG drew a 1 - 1 draw against the KING team. During the game, we paid special attention to the host doll and the tie of Miller. It was really nice and nice. Do you want a tie like a commentator?

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Xiao Bian pays close attention to the LOL competition for a long time. He has made a special study of all the team jerseys, the host ties and Western-style clothes. We need to make a customized search for Shanghai Gan Feng. We serve you wholeheartedly. 021-56385331

Let's look at the highlights of the doll and Miller's explanation and the tie.


Dolls and Miller wear cartoon characters and panda necktie commentary

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