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Line Of Business Ties Are Closely Related To Health
Aug 02, 2016

Many of the seemingly small things in life are closely related to health, such as a business tie. As we all know, in modern society, wearing a suit and tie, you can display an elegant, generous and able, this is the standard attire of a man in a tuxedo. But who would have thought a business tie the elastic and must be linked to the health of the eyes. Germany according to a study in the medical sector, business ties fastened round his neck and under his Adam's Apple prone to glaucoma. Researchers test to 40 male citizens shows that business ties after 3 minutes, most of the intraocular pressure is increased by 20%. Tie compression neck veins, blood circulation, eyes clear negative impacts. Germany experts suggest that business ties not tied too tightly. Ties tied tight compression of the neck veins, causing more blood to the eyes, so that the eye pressure increases. Eye pressure is too large, it may be more serious than glaucoma damage to the eyes. Ties tied tight and the thicker the neck of men should be wary of long-term damage to eyes.

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