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How To Select A Genuine And Cheap Silk Tie
Jan 12, 2018

How to select a genuine and cheap silk tie

In life, a lot of men will meet all kinds of questions about how to choose clothing and clothing. Today, we say, we are "the elegant demeanor". So, how do you pick a good tie that suits your tie?

First of all, let's understand the classification of the tie.

First, from the width of necktie, it can be roughly divided into "wide version business type", "narrow edition fashion type" and "ultra narrow leisure type", the width is 12-10 centimeters, 8-6 centimeters, 6-3 centimeters.

"Wide version business" generally applies to business communication, business negotiation, work and other formal occasions, people feel more low-key atmosphere, calm; age for roughly 35-65 years, the general state leaders are with this one, and the older men, love in the width of the tie.

"The narrow version of fashion" is more suitable for the younger generations, for 18-35 years in this age group, it is not significant, are active inflexible, a style is currently on the market more popular, suitable for young people to work, interview, banquet, wedding ceremony and other occasions.

Then the "ultra narrow leisure", it belongs to the young generation after 90 more love style, can be wild, free collocation, relatively free and easy.

Two, from the subdivision tie material, divided into wool and silk tie (also known as the "silk"), Nan Hansi (also known as "tie Disi tie"). In terms of grade, wool and silkworm silk ties belong to the middle and top grade, so the South Korean silk is actually polyester, purified fiber material, the grade is naturally lower, but it has an advantage that the price is cheap and easy to handle.

Next to the most important point, we are going to choose the problem of how to pick the tie. Here we recommend the selection of silk necktie. This necktie has good gloss, exquisite workmanship and necktie. It is also a symbol of a man's taste. A noble and delicate tie is like a man's facade, but small details can embody personal taste and appreciation level.

How can you tell whether it's a silk tie? A look, two touch, three observation

One look: gently bend the tie to see whether the luster of the tie is shiny in the light or sunlight, which is the basic feature of the silk tie.

Two touch: surface by hand to touch the tie is as smooth as silk, the color is bright. Here a little attention to, some silk tie weave texture is complex, feels a little resistance, this is caused by the weave texture.

Three observation: that is to observe the label of tie tag, and the small label on the back of the tie. There will be no fake in general, because the national supervision textile products are stricter.

When we go to a physical store to buy necktie at ordinary times, we usually go to the department stores of large shopping malls to find brand stores, so that the quality of brand goods is assured and after-sale is guaranteed. But shopping malls are more expensive. For a simple reason, the cost of brand entry, management fees, and pick up points must be paid by consumers.

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