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How To Choose An Ideal Tie Brand
Oct 26, 2017

How to choose an ideal tie brand

The material of the belt is divided into 3 parts: face, lining and lining, and the surface and lining are the most important

Look at the fabric of the necktie

Tie silk fabric (Sang Cansi), polyester, wool, chemical fiber and blended fabric, popular silk (silk tie). Relatively speaking, the polyester cost is relatively low, the quality of natural silk as well. Because silk is pure natural materials, and not easy to deformation, wearing a very elegant feeling, of course, the price is relatively high. In fact, fabric can reflect the hand, feel good quality is good.

Look at the lining of the tie

The tie is so thick, and the thickness of the face is very small, so the texture of the tie is mostly reflected by the lining cloth. Lining material is divided into two kinds of polyester and wool lining lining. Wool lining is divided into 30% hair, 50% hair, 70% hair, wool. With hair Liangyue, lining is better, the price is more expensive. In addition. Interlinings can also be divided into rough lining and non galling lining, napping is much better than without napping.

Look at the fabric density of the tie

Mainly for the ordinary silk tie, silk tie, especially domestic small factory production of tie fabrics are 960 knitting, the general market 500 yuan tie is the tissue density. And the high-grade tie fabrics are basically 1920 knitting fabrics, namely the tissue density to be doubled, this fabric should be solid, feeling very good texture, the professional is called "high density tie", the domestic production of high density fabric silk tie few, because the cost is much higher.

Fabric cutting

Whether the cut is straight or not, and whether the pattern is parallel to the corners of the necktie, it can be seen whether it is the cutting of the right inclined wire, which is the most obvious.

Choose the pattern of tie

The pattern of the necktie consists of stripe, monochrome, geometric figure, dot pattern and newly appeared cartoon pattern. A lanky person should use a pattern of thick and thin designs. The medium shape person, may choose the slanting strip to insert the geometry shape or the geometry small flower pattern, gives the person to sedate, the balance, the elegant feeling. In choosing neckties, we should also pay attention to whether the patterns and colors can correspond with the seasons and the occasions to be attended.

Choosing the length of tie

The proper size should be chosen according to their own conditions. The general standard is that after the tie is finished, the bottom of the tie is just on the buckle. In addition, the person with wide face should not wear long and thin tie, and the long face should not choose broad tie.

How to identify the quality of tie

From the bulk of non weaving defects and dyeing defects within 33 cm; straighten the tie should be no distortion after the two ends; will tie the broadside in hand for a moment, and then release the light, pull, and see if you can quickly restore smooth, no folded imprint.

Summary: a fine tie, lining suture line should be straight, liner to smooth; tie should have drape, not easily wrinkling, curling will tie hold release after, good quality tie will quickly recover smoothly; no matter how many thin light fabric, tie not too elegant; good the tie has good wear resistance, not easy pilling; workmanship inspection tie, will tie the top half, can be completely aligned is a good tie.

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