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How Much Length Is Reserved For The Tie?
Mar 02, 2018

How much length is reserved for the tie?

In life, you can't never encounter necktie occasions, not only for work or interviews, but also for some business activities. You need to wear tie in some formal occasions. We introduced a lot of articles about necktie, but the people who entered the floor often asked: no matter what way to play, when the tie is around the neck, how long should the left and right sides be? Here we are talking about the problem.

1, after the tie is around the neck, the part of the left and right side, which is hanging down, should be the proportion of 1:3. As shown, the length of the left side is 1/3 on the right. The bottom of the tie can usually be close to the best position. You can finely adjust the tie when finishing the tie, so that the tie point is located on the belt buckle.

2, then use a simple single knot to tie the tie.

3, after the finish, the appropriate length is the bottom of the tie on the belt buckle.

Then the whole process is demonstrated with a single knot:

1, the tie around the neck, the end of the short side should be almost three fingers under the nipple, so that the right and left side of the proportion of nearly 1:3.

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