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How Many Business Opportunities Does An Ordinary Scarf Contain?
Jul 22, 2017

How many business opportunities does an ordinary scarf contain?

Mathilda Christofferson, a real estate agent in the United States, feels a bit more sexy when she's pregnant, and she hopes to put her pregnant woman out of the way she wants. So she began to wrap a scarf around her pregnant stomach to show her bulging stomach.

Now, she owns a company called Mave Maternity, which specializes in what she calls "Bellyhood" scarves. Of course, the scarf's audiences are expectant mothers. Mave in Danish mean stomach, Danish is Christofferson language. It all started when Christofferson was pregnant, and it was hard for her to find a better fitting maternity outfit, so she tied a scarf around her bulging stomach. But when she was driving or sitting, her back scarf felt uncomfortable, so she got a sewing machine and made her first Bellyhood. The scarf can be worn outside of any skirt or pants, helping pregnant women who wear short vests and worry that clothes are too short to shelter their bellies. It's a soft, stretchy material, so when the pregnant woman's belly grows, the scarf can well wrap around their belly. There are two ways to wear it, one from putting your feet in the middle of the scarf, and the next from the top. The second is putting it on your shoulder and putting it on your stomach. In the later stages of pregnancy, Bellyhood can provide support for pregnant women's stomachs. The back is pleated and clings to your back.

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