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How Do You Tie Men's Tie?
Oct 20, 2017

How do you tie men's tie?

How good men men tie collocation tie, than the other appearance, and more about the man on his perception of identity, status, credit, personality and ability, and some men wearing a shirt tie separately are the material and color are good, but with obvious color makes people feel not harmonious, this is actually very bad situation, an impression of you into a sharp reduction. But as long as you know the rules, choosing a tie is not a headache, but it's pretty simple.

Tie is the necessary clothing for white collar men. When men choose what kind of tie to wear every day, they should first consider whether the suit is the leading role or the tie is the leading role.

Start with the tie. Tie always plays a leading role, because it is the most eye-catching part of clothing. Generally speaking, attention should be paid to the combination of tie and suit top. In the light of a more elaborate view, the coat color should be the basic color of the tie.

Selected shirts. Once the good collocation tie and jacket, shirt is the easy choice. Usually, the color of the shirt should match one of the last colors of the tie. Generally, the pattern on the necktie should be more conspicuous than that on the shirt. Sometimes, shirts and ties with distinctive patterns can be chosen. But don't press the pattern on your shirt over your tie.

Popular collocation. Nowadays, monochromatic collocation is very popular in clothing. If you want to be trendy, try a shirt and tie with the same hue. In this arrangement, the color of the tie should be darker than the color of the shirt, but they can also be exactly the same color.

Classical collocation. Timeless fashion is a white or light blue shirt with a single color or a bright pattern tie. It's an out of date collocation, and it suits every occasion. Sensation. In the way of clothing collocation, simple forever please. If you're not so confident about the quality of your tie, don't innovate. You know, most men don't feel very good about patterns. Not only that, you never know the taste of your own "unusual" taste may cause people's aversion. The combination of shirt and tie reflects, to some extent, the sophistication of your life.

Coordination. Every detail should be taken into consideration when it comes to clothing. Shirts, ties, suits, and everything else. Each item should have a certain relationship with other things. It's like a couple in an emotional relationship. Without communication, there is no harmony.

Alternative. Every man should have at least one shirt with white or light blue collar buttons. In the tie, there is at least one pure blue or red burgundy Wine tie for use during the day, should also have a silk jacquard tie or pure black tie for participating in a formal dinner time for using neckties.

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