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How Do You Choose The Length Of The Tie?
Mar 02, 2018

How do you choose the length of the tie?

The most common necktie length on the market is 146 cm long and suitable for 170-180 cm tall Orientals. If your figure is outstanding, you can choose a 155 centimeter tie or a shorter 134 centimeter tie. No matter what length, the first step of the tie is to make a good grasp of the proportion of 1:3.

2 long edges on the short side in the long side, right, right around the neck from behind, then from the back to the left.

3, the long side to cover from the front to the right and then tie tie, tie from across the back of a forward from the middle, from top to bottom through the tie, slightly taut, this is a simple single node method.

4, the single knot is good, do not hurry to tighten the tie. The left hand pinches the tie to knot the triangle bottom tip, the right hand grasps the tie long end to slowly pull, adjusts slightly, lets the long side end cover on the waist buckle, simultaneously collate the tie knot triangle shape, lets its shape be better.

5, after the tie is tightened, look at it and see if there is any skew. The long end of the tie is covered by the buckle, and the whole tie covers the shirt button. The perfect tie position should be located at the center of the center.

Point HOW hints: sometimes you need a tie clip to prevent the tie from blowing. It is suggested that the tie clip should be sandwiched between the third, fourth buttons of the shirt.

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