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Handsome Gourd Bow Style
Aug 02, 2016

Bow ties and neckties as man chic symbol of the noble gentleman, dinner wear on formal occasions. For Tuxedo, among other things, without tie, it is no longer a real sense of dress. Today, small series to learn with you handsome gourd bow tie lines: 1. Change the length of the tie (if), big bow takes a long tie. 2. at one end of the tie at the beginning should be several inches longer than the other, the long end should be on your right hand side. 3. one end of the long cross at the other end. 4. under the one end of the long to the short side, and then pulls out of the region. 5. fold one end of the short. 6. on the end cover at the short end of long. 7. fold up one end of a long. 8. Plug one end of a length short behind one end of the circle, and then gently pull the ends to tighten the butterfly bow tie/bow.

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