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Groom Tie Tactics Illustrated Fashion Groom
Aug 10, 2017

Groom tie tactics illustrated fashion groom

The groom suit tie is very important, want to become an elegant gentleman, the metrosexual man at the wedding, it must be clear the suit and tie play. Today, Xiao Bian prepared several fashionable tie tie diagrams for the bridegroom. It will make you different at the wedding.

1 and double cross knot

The double cross knot reflects the elegant and grand temperament of the groom and is suitable for the formal occasions. The tie knot should be used in plain and silk tie, if the lapel shirt is not only suitable for collocation with a sense of dignity.

Tip: broadside from the first ring and the second ring out, complete the accumulation, full and full.

2, Wen Shajie

Windsor knot is named for the Duke of Windsor tie knot, is the most orthodox tie style, played in a positive triangle, full and powerful, suitable for matching wide collar shirt. The build-up should be more horizontal. Avoid thick ties, and don't build up too much.

Tip: the width of the front is reserved for a longer space, and the loose and tight belt around the belt will affect the size of the tie knot.

3, the Prince Albert

Prince Abbott combined for romantic button collar and collar shirts, collocation romantic soft material thin neckties. The dimples of the Chinese people are slightly cocked on both sides.

Tip: a wide margin is reserved for a long space, and the best fit is achieved when the second laps are joined together as closely as possible.

4, double ring knot

A fine tie with a double loop knot will give you a sense of fashion.

Tip: the tie's characteristic is that the first lap will come out of the second lap, and don't try to cover it up.

5, prenolepis

One of the men is prenolepis tie up to play, suitable for almost all kinds of material after the completion of the tie, tie play oblique triangle, suitable for narrow collar shirt.

Tip: the broadside in the picture is on the left hand side, too

Can change the right side of the beat; in the choice of "man's dimple" (forming concave convex) circumstances, as far as possible to make both sides of the uniform and symmetrical.

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