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Five Of The Big Men's Dress
Sep 08, 2017

Five of the "big men's dress

Men with a suit dress can appear in the following details of graceful bearing, but often go wrong, let a person feel your grade is very poor:

Don't spend your necktie. Usually the tie is darker than the suit. Do not tie colors and patterns, unusual ties, geometric patterns, hand drawings, pastoral scenery, etc., are taboo patterns used. Tie clips are out of date, so you'd better not use them.

Socks do not light color. Wearing a suit with flowers or light socks is the best proof that you can't dress. The black socks will not have a problem, it's usually just don't buy white socks, because can wear less, and black socks is The more, the better. Also, don't wear short socks. The socks are too short. They will show your legs when you sit down. It's very ugly.

Don't beat your pockets. Whether it's a suit, a coat or a pair of trousers, try not to put anything in or out of your pocket. Pocket bulging plug will only make you a joke. But also note that will suit pocket valgus cover.

Not much color. The upper and lower body tie, shirt, suit, trousers, shoes, socks, shoes, same color collocation.

Dress not false. Although the "cheap smuggled goods", but in formal occasions, don't wear fake brand, whether it is clothing or jewelry, let others see you will drop a lot. This one applies to women as well.

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