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Dress Etiquette - Tie Accessories
Oct 13, 2017

Dress etiquette - tie accessories

Tie accessories

Tie, in general, there is no need to use any accessories. In the breeze, scamper quickly when allowed to tie fluttering gently, it is for adding some handsome, handsome man. Sometimes, in order to reduce or tie in any action or floating inconvenience, in order not to interfere with my work, action, may be appropriate to use tie accessories. The basic function of tie Baldric is fixed tie, followed by decoration. Common tie accessories have tie clips, tie pin, tie rod. They are used for different positions, but not at the same time, and only one of them can be used at a time. The choice of tie accessories, should consider the metal products, and plain is beautiful, elegant, simple shape and pattern.

Tie clip, mainly used to tie fixed on the shirt, so not only the clip tie, or be caught in the coat collar of indomitable spirit, using the correct position of the tie clip, between the shirt from down the number of fourth grains, fifth buttons.  It's best not to expose it to a suit, jacket, button. If the clip too up, even caught in the heart-shaped collar sweater or vest collar opening is very rustic.

The tie pin is mainly used to tie the tie on the shirt and play a decorative role.  One end shall be patterned, shall be outside the necktie, and the other end shall be a fine chain, and shall be free from exposure. When you use it, you should put it in the center of the tie at the top of the shirt with third buttons. Its patterned side should be seen by outsiders. But be careful, don't make mistake when using a tie pin brooch.

A tie rod used primarily for wearing a button collar shirt through a tie and secured to the neckline of a shirt. The use of tie rod, if successfully implemented, will make a tie on formal occasions is elegant, but also reduce the trouble.

In short, the use of tie accessories, would rather not, don't mess with.

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