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Details Of Men's Attire
Oct 12, 2017

Details of men's attire

There is no doubt that men wear formal clothes in formal occasions, that is, suits!

In international practice, with professional people in suits is that the man should pay attention to three principles three:

That is:

The first principle: the trichromatic principle, that is, there are no more than three colors in the body

Second principles: the 31 Law: in Hong Kong and Taiwan also called three. It is in leisure, sleep, walking without a suit. For example, when sleeping suit is only one possible, is to "sleep", as to the market to buy food when not wearing a suit, the only good buy food in the suit is: the price of vegetables rose ten percent and so! These terms are international practice.

The third principle: three taboos. 1, when wearing a suit, the logo on the sleeve is not removed. Professional suit without removing the argument on the sleeve of the trademark is called "basic characteristics on the flow". 2, wear white socks. As you all know, a man's suit is grey, dark blue or black. Wearing a black suit wearing white socks are called "the basic characteristics of" countryman boor, but only one, is wearing a white suit and wear white socks! Also, you can't wear nylon socks. 3, tie play. You'd better take silk with you without a tie! In addition, the most taboo thing about a tie is to wear a jacket and tie In the eyes of foreigners, wearing a jacket and tie is a "260 degree practice with Chinese characteristics" (which is more than 250 mentally retarded)

There are other, you can not wear leather suits like formal occasions, can not wear cloth shoes, sandals and so on!

However, the above situation is in more formal occasions, such as business contacts, business negotiations, foreign exchanges is particularly serious!

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