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Business Tie Match And Tying Methods
Aug 02, 2016

If you are a detail-oriented man of the match, will certainly have you wardrobe casual ties and business ties, a used to match different occasions. Tie paired with formal wear, casual wear, directly reflect the tastes of men. So, good study ties, business and leisure ties dress matching and tying methods are very useful knowledge. Analogous colors: in the adjacent colors on the color wheel. Match such as red and orange or red and purple, yellow and grass green or orange hue. The soft color effects. Color: the same color, but in different shades, light and shade. Hue is a soft and elegant, sophisticated fabrics, and noble. Warm and cool colors: shades including warm colors (red, Orange, yellow), cool colors (green, blue, purple). Such as a Navy blue suit, light blue shirt, and Red tie with blue diagonal stripes to match. Colors: shades of white, black and gray. Beige pants, a white shirt and gray sweater, looked flat, do not play, but memorable.

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