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Business Tie Casual Tie Merits Recognition Method
Aug 02, 2016

How to identify a business tie, casual tie is good or bad, good or bad, is that men need to learn. Today, small series of carefully collected some information for members ' reference: quality of the tie, not fundamentally depends on the style and brand, but its material texture and exquisite workmanship. Material recognition method has three article: (1) recognition related material logo: package weaving silk 100% SILK 100%; silk 100% SILK 100%; simulation silk 100% POLYESTERI00%; polyester silk 100% DACRON (2) Visual and feel of difference: Silk color moist soft feel delicate; simulation silk: shade shiny, jumped eye, feel is scraping polyester silk color Dim more sank feel rough (3) material of thickness difference: silk to 14-16 mummin for better ; Simulation silk polyester silk to feel appropriate for better; work elegant identification five points: 1, and standard of tie is by three paragraph mosaic and into, total length for 145CM, angle for 45 degrees received bit; 2, and surface smooth, spent type clear, symmetric; 3, and back pulled sewing vertical Center; 4, and mosaic at of pattern of consistent degree; 5, and whole article short with fabric chromatic aberration of consistency or not.

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