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Business Men's Suit Etiquette
Aug 26, 2017

Business men's suit etiquette

Suit refers to the Western-style clothing, is relative to the "Chinese clothing" in terms of the European clothing. Narrowly refers to Western-style suits or Western-style suits. Suit is usually a company business practitioners, government agencies practitioners in the more formal occasions, a choice of men's dress. The reason why the suit is enduring, it is important because it has a profound cultural connotation, the mainstream of the suit culture is often marked with "culture, educated, gentleman, a sense of authority" and other labels. The main features of the suit is the appearance of crisp, smooth lines, comfortable to wear. If coupled with a tie or tie, the more elegant and classic. Business men's suit selection, you can follow the following categories:


   Classified by wear

    According to wear occasions, suits can be divided into two kinds of dress and casual clothes. Which can be divided into regular dress (also called morning dress, day and day wear), small dress (also known as evening dress, wear at night), tuxedo. Dress requirements fabric must be wool, black, lower body to be equipped with black shoes, black socks, white shirt, black tie. Casual clothes are divided into casual and suits. People are generally wearing the dress. Dress is generally dark color, wool (including hair in more than 70%), upper and lower body must be the same color, with the material, work well.


   According to the number of packages

    According to the number of pieces to suit, divided into a single suit, two sets of suits, three suit suit. Business men in formal business contacts wear suits, must be suits suit, in the high-level business activities, to wear three-piece suit suit is better.

    Casual, single suit, that is, a pair of trousers do not match the suit jacket, only for informal occasions.

    Suit suit, refers to the coat and pants sets, the fabric, color, style, style, style echo each other. Usually, suit suit, there are two pieces and three pieces of the points. Two-piece suit includes a pair of clothes and a pants, three-piece suit includes a coat, a pants and a vest. According to people's traditional view, three-piece suit than the two-piece suit is more formal. Generally participate in high-level external activities, you can so wear. Wear a single-breasted suit suit, you should tie a narrow belt; wear double-breasted suits suit, then tie a little wider belt is more appropriate.



   Sort by the buttons of the suit jacket

    According to the suit jacket to arrange the distribution, single-breasted suit jacket and double-breasted suit jacket.

    Single-breasted suit jacket, the most common one has a button, two buttons, three buttons three. A button, three buttons single-breasted suit jacket to wear more fashionable, and two buttons of a single-breasted suit jacket is more formal. Men wear a single row of buckle suit style to two buckle, flat collar collar, high split head, rounded down the main paragraph.

    Double-breasted suit jacket, the most common two buttons, four buttons, six buttons and other three. Two buttons, six buttons of the double-breasted suit jacket is popular style, and four buttons of the double-breasted suit jacket is obviously a traditional style. Men often wear double-breasted suit is six buckle, gun collar, corner angle pendulum.

     As for the suit after the slits are divided into single slits, double slits and no slits, single-breasted suit can choose one of the three, and double-breasted suit can only choose double slits or no slits.


    Classified by version

    The so-called version of the type, refers to the appearance of the suit. Strictly speaking, the suit has four basic version type:

    The first version of the type, European version of the suit. European plate suit is actually in the European continent, such as Italy, France popular. In general, they are called European version of the suit. The most important representative brands are Zegna, Armani, Ferrer. European version of the basic outline of the suit is inverted trapezoidal, in fact, the shoulder waist waist, which is more tall and tall men in Europe and the tall body consistent. Choose the suit, the European version of the suit, to think twice, because the general person is not enough shoulder width. Double-breasted, waist, shoulder width, but also the basic characteristics of the European plate suit.

    The second version of the British version of the suit. It is a variant of the European version. It is a single-breasted, but the collar is relatively narrow, and the Anglo-Saxon people this main ethnic. Anglo-Saxon face shape is relatively long, so their suit collar is relatively broad, but also relatively long and narrow. British version of the suit, usually the majority of three buttons, the basic profile is also inverted ladder type.

    The third version of the US version of the suit. Is the US version of the suit, the US version of the basic characteristics of the suit suit is O type. It is loose and hypertrophy, suitable for casual wear. So the US version of the suit is often the majority of single, are generally casual style. Americans generally the basic characteristics of dress can be summed up with four words, that is, wide clothing pants. Emphasizing comfort, casual, is the characteristics of the Americans.

    The fourth edition, Japanese version of the suit. The basic outline of the Japanese version of the suit is H-type. It is suitable for Asian men's body, no wide shoulders, no slender waist. In general, it is more than a single button, clothing is not slits. In addition suits are also sub-collar, gun collar, collar and so on.

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