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Attention To The Collocation Of Men's Ties
Jan 31, 2018

Attention to the collocation of men's ties

The men's ties are all the same, except for the difference in color, but there is no big difference. But there's a lot of attention on men's ties. Let me explain here.

Shirt + tie, white collar men's necessary loading, grasp the following principles, can help you save a lot of inconvenience and trouble.

1. Do not match the shirt and tie of the same color and pattern.

For example: a shirt that does not match the same color and pattern with the tie tie.

1, dark Plaid suit collocation, plain striped tie and the shirt is very good.

2, twill tie and tie shirt, checkerboard tie and straight shirt will not make people feel dull and monotonous, because even though they are all straight lines, the direction of texture is different.

First, the pattern of dark shirt tie collocation pattern, pattern printing, tie collocation plain shirts are a good choice, it can be used as a plain dark oh!  But do not match the pattern or the shirt of the lattices, it will appear more messy.

Two. The shirt and tie of the same color system can be matched.

1, a light brown tie and a suit with a white shirt will look very popular.

2. A yellow tie with a yellow striped shirt will be very refreshing.

Three. The combination of different colors and patterns formed a strong contrast.

A dark red tie and a gray suit with white gray stripes, with a sense of confidence and natural beauty.

PS: in collocation, if the pattern and color of the tie can be consistent with the color of the coat or shirt, the overall effect will be very good!

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