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The technique of matching a scarf
Jan 24, 2018

 A series of methods / collocation techniques in autumn and winter popular scarves

Scarf collocation is the autumn season women will discuss the topic, because of the scarf has always been fond of, or warm, or decorative, good collocation scarf can indeed make the point of the eye fell on her neck from super long to short and delicate, knitting to fur, different styles of play. But it must be a bit of a skill to match the whole dress with a uniform. Here we look at the popular Korean autumn winter scarves with some of the methods, maybe make your winter different more eye-catching!

Fashion comment: sleeve style black coat cut close, collocation Plaid pencil skirt full of sweet feel, green scarf around his neck into a circle, very eye-catching Oh ~ from wearing a vest or standing summer autumn coat, you need something new!

Fashion comment: simple onepiece is very good. The sportswear skirt is very casual. Choose black and white scarf and match very well. The feeling of embellishment on the side of scarf is sweet. The matching of triangle is very damp.

Fashion comment: plain long sleeved shirt collocation jeans filled the streets, taste, rolled up jeans look more wet, the body of the collocation most eye-catching is that black and grey * star pattern scarf, scarf collocation is very beautiful, cascading scarf getting high gradually low, it is the key look is a very charming!

Fashion comment: blouse collocation turnup jeans collocation tidal flavor, from the early spring of this year from the beginning of the West began to popular ripped jeans in still rising popularity, with destruction of feel jeans make your collocation more attractive, black * purple scarf into triangle pattern of stars like appearance, make people feel very cute oh!

Fashion comment: romantic feel tulle skirt very elegant dress full of beauty, let you pry interest blue knit coat body collocation to convey the winter warm breath, boring clothes because of the scarf ornament and full of bright spots, brown boots collocation skirt let your leg curve very charming!

Fashion comment: purple and black striped dress is cut off and close to the body. It can perfectly outline the body curves of the Tide girls, and wear a light coat and a scarf to make you look more attractive.

Fashion comment: this year is still very popular hit dress in autumn Oh, to pass the heady light purple enchanting feeling, a pair of ballet shoes is very lovely lady, a youthful sweet collocation is very attractive, casually around the scarf on your collocation adds numerous charm!

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