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A Dress Guide For Men's Successful Interviews
Sep 23, 2017

A dress guide for men's successful interviews

Even if you are born bright, the interview dress is sloppy. Here are the latest clothing guides for men who prepare for professional interviews.

Suit: the most acceptable male suit color is light blue, black with gray, brown and beige is next. The texture should be pure wool, the visual effect is better than any other material. Don't pick suits from European designers because they're cut tight and too flashy for the conservative world we live in. A two - piece suit is perfectly acceptable now, but a few years ago people had to wear a three - piece suit for the interview.

Shirt: the dress code here is simple: principle 1: always wear long sleeved shirts; principle 2: always wear white or light blue shirts; principle 3: never break the rules 1 and 2. I say "white", and not to the exclusion of reddish or bluish white striped shirt, white shirt, although not the first-class, but are desirable. Single color white shirt conveys a feeling can only be sensed: honest, wise and prudent. It should be your first choice, and artists, writers, engineers, and other creative professionals sometimes face white. For them, light blue is probably the best choice. Remember: the lighter the color, the more subtle the background, the better you make the impression.

Tie: a pure silk tie produces the best professional effect, its elegant appearance, the best feeling, and the most easy to play well. Linen ties are too casual and wrinkle free, only in warmer weather. Woolen ties are not only casual but also difficult to tie. Artificial fiber luminous characteristics, when you want them to feel elegant, their color is harsh, may damage your occupation image. It seems that a pure silk tie, or 50% wool and 50% silk tie, should be your choice during the interview.

The tie should give you some color, this means your dress should have an overall balance: general experience is your tie width should be roughly and your suit jacket and chest lapel, has been popular for more than 10 years the universally accepted standard, is the width of the tie in the 23/4. And 31/2 inches. If your tie is wider than this standard, you will feel that you are still in disco time.

Shoes: men should wear black or brown leather shoes, other materials and colors are wrong, will risk too much!

Tie shoes is the most conservative choice, but almost no widely accepted, with the larger parties appropriately, but do not put the shoes and shoes confused. This kind of strapless leather shoes needs to be simple and elegant, and the uppers are shallow. It is suitable for both formal and formal occasions, either in the daytime or in the evening. (the laces of the laces are a bit clumsy in the dinner occasions).

Socks: socks and clothes should be coordinated, therefore, the color is more blue, black, grey or brown, with your rocker legs without exposing too much to the length of tibia socks should, when you move your feet will not bulge in the ankle. In a word, it's your best bet to wrap up your socks and lower your socks.

Trinket: the watch you wear should be simple and generous, which means that Mickey Mouse watches, sports watches, and advertising watches are excluded. No one is interested in digital electronic watches anymore; you don't have to worry about being laughed at for wearing a plain watch with a leather strap.

In any case, avoid wearing cheap looking gold bands.

If you want to handle the suitcase, it will strengthen your professional image, the best effect of the suitcase, other materials made of suitcase is far from the effect. Brown and purplish red are good choices. The box itself should be generous, and some very expensive brands, although they can show you how much you value, tend to weaken what you want.

Cotton or linen handkerchiefs should be an essential part of every applicant. Pure white is the best color. Before the interview, it was common for job seekers to have sweaty palms. Therefore, the handkerchief you prepared can also be used to alleviate the symptoms caused by the sequelae, try to avoid awkward handshake.

The belt should match your choice of shoes. Therefore, blue, black or gray suits will require black belts and black shoes, while brown, tan or beige suits should be made with brown belts and shoes. As for the belt material, we should adhere to the use of cortex.

Jewelry: if any man can take the wedding ring and a pair of small soft Cufflinks (such as with French cufflinks, of course). In addition, any other jewelry is inappropriate. Bracelets, necklaces, or badges may send false messages.

Coat: the safest and most practical colors are beige and blue. You should wear these two coats. Of course, if you can not wear try not to wear (wear is cumbersome, rambling off).

Makeup: this does not encourage men to make up for an interview or make up at any time during their career.

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