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A Coup - Life Tips Has Tie The Wrinkles
Apr 22, 2017

All kinds of hair dye in the room temperature or hot weather, will lose some function or change color. If stored in the refrigerator, can maintain its original function for a long time, will not deteriorate

    the clever addition to tie the wrinkles. Wrinkled tie, not hot iron can also become both smooth and beautiful, as long as the tie in the volume of beer bottles, then second days, wrinkles on the elimination of the original.

    take appropriate amount of brown sugar in the mouth with ten minutes after brushing 2-3 minutes, mouthwash. Then use saline water (water mixed with salt, 50 grams of alkaline food) brush for 2 minutes. 2 times a day, 1 weeks Houyan scaling off

    the waste rubber on the bottle lid together, according to the position of a row of pins arranged in a crisscross pattern, in a rectangular piece of wood (nail nail must in the lid of depression), has become a very practical washboard.

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