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3 Details Determine Men's Dressing Taste
Nov 16, 2017

3 details determine men's dressing taste

The first impression is not particularly important, but it is not of no importance at all.

Look at him before you open your mouth. God, just look at the details of his body, you can taste it, you know.

A pair of shoes, a tie, an ordinary shirt can show his taste.


Shoes: it's best to change it every three days or so.

Good shoes should be beautiful and comfortable, light and elastic.

The traditional black leather shoes and elegant, is the business entertainment and office and best choice to work, it can cooperate with all kinds of suits. But it's better to wear the same color when wearing brown clothes. Black shoes and brown shoes are essential materials for men's shoes cabinet. But remember, the action of the shoe is important, but not more clothes than brilliant, or far looked like a pair of shoes he paces round.

When you wear leather shoes, you can't wear sports socks, but wear wool socks or stockings. The color of socks is black, dark gray is better, taboo light color, must not be garish. But the higher, better elasticity, so sit down and reveal a bad leg. Each pair of shoes do not wear more than 3 days continuously, often change shoes, not only conducive to foot health care, but also to avoid deformation shoes, but also always have a new feeling.


The average male prepares several ties for himself.

The tone of suit, tie and shirt should be harmonious, and tie is the most striking of the three three. The main color of the tie must be different from the shirt. But when the tie is chosen and the coat is the same color, the color is more vivid than the coat; when the tie adopts the matching method with the suit, the purity of the tie color should be reduced. Monochrome, stripes, dots, fine squares, regular patterns, are the most conventional. Wearing a formal dress, the color of the tie as much as possible, like big flower pattern, colorful is not appropriate. If it is not a special hobby, it is better not to use bright red tie.

Tie the tie method there are several principles: shirt collar angle is bigger, the bigger the tie ligation; lead angle is too small tip, tie ligation; tie the tie knot, corresponding also take moderate. Tie length is better than belt length. If you wear three suits, put your tie in your vest. In the next one or two years, the tie is mainly slender and slender and gentle, which is very suitable for the retro style.


Men or men who work in social occasions want to create elegant, dignified and easy-going images of themselves, so they should choose neutral shirts with good quality and exquisite workmanship, while those soft, gorgeous and personalized shirts should be presented in leisure occasions.

Don't forget when you wear shirt with khaki cloth, canvas etc. the same leisure style of pants and shoes, you can choose the color.

Black and yellow skin people wear green and gray shirt will appear darker and more yellow will cause some dirty feeling; fair skinned people wearing beautiful shirt can foil very white skin, but it will often make men appear too feminine, lack of masculinity, which is in the tide in the summer fashion.

Fat people wear a little collar shirt, it seems a little stiff, and should choose a large collar shirt with a more appropriate point.

Tall and dignified people wear shirts that do not choose shirts with decorative buttons on the collar, even though they are popular now.

When wearing a floral shirt, be sure to avoid taking a lot of gold and silver jewelry. Someone else would think you were a Nanyang customer, and now you might think it's a small upstart who deals in a stall.

Of course, after seeing so many rules, you're not sure about the collocation of inside and outside, up and down clothes, so remember one thing: white shirt matches everything.

Selection of shirt color

When the weather is warm, the boys usually go to the shirt counter in the mall and pick up a dozen shirts. Yes, between the shirt between formal and casual wear, can not only be used as part of the dress, important occasions, can also be home to wear, to cater to the majority of people live and work demand, in this spring seems to be the most brilliant clothing items.

Everyone's preferences vary from person to person, taste is also quite different, but in the workplace, shirts properly dressed properly, will help to reflect the overall image and quality.

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