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2017 Tie Trend Elements Scheming Bitch Tie Dominate
Apr 22, 2017

Fashion tide people are not very anxious to know what fashion elements of the 2017 fashion circle? Today Xiaobian to introduce to you this year's bow tie elements. It is the tie to dominate! 2017 a lot of clothes will have a wonderful change in the bow tie, to enjoy the 2017 bow tie tidal element.

2017领结潮流元素 心机婊领结独领风骚


   2017 tie trend elements scheming bitch tie dominate

   2017 popular elements # ring zipper collar #

    This year's hot leisure sports wind clothing fashion show a good sense of fashion. This handsome sport is an upgraded version of an ordinary sports suit, with a jacket with a zipper and ring elements.

Most of the zipper collar coat is a ring, you can put it all on the cool pull, can only pull half seem arbitrary point.

Can also be used as a built-in. Even if the weather is cold, but also remember to open the coat Oh, let people see your fashionable single!

You can also try a mix of style, a T-shirt or sweater, with a sense of the level of collocation can reduce monotony.

2017 popular elements # stripe V collar #

Long before Monroe had crossed the sexy goddess with color stripe element V neck knit shirt!

Ma Sichun with bright orange stripe V shirt with white dress, is also a kind of capital of the United states.

If you are afraid of error, you might as well choose jeans.

Striped collar sweater is the most common inside the shirt, full of Youth College wind.

Long striped collar vest in a high necked sweater also with full of youthful vigor. 

2017领结潮流元素 心机婊领结独领风骚



  2017 tie trend elements scheming bitch tie dominate

   2017 popular elements # butterfly collar #

   Romantic and beautiful bow collar is absolutely able to meet the end of the young male hearts.

   After 00 Nabi put on butterfly collar white shirt, black waisted shorts collocation, highlighting the fresh and lovely temperament.

Krystal this one bow chiffon shirt + tight pants + le fu shoes, All black modeling very striking style, to prove that the butterfly knot can also wear cool fan!

Bow collar + long sleeve shirt, it can be described as a combination of fashion in the world.

2017 popular elements # tied # chest lead

Want to choose small chest bandage partly hidden and partly visible sexy clothes on!

Olivia Palermo was wearing a bandage coat a motorcycle jacket, highlighting different cool fan!

Yuan Shanshan used the blue band sweater + denim shorts, casual Chic outfit still good-looking! Visual impact and thick bandage has stronger, especially suitable for autumn and winter.

This special thick bandage, collocation trousers or skirts are properly properly!

The above four kinds of single product, not to create which can be your income wardrobe?!


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