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What's the color of the tie?
Dec 27, 2017

What's the color of the tie? What color tie is worn on the occasion, and what is the statement of a golden tie

The perpetual fashion match is a white or light blue shirt with a single color or bright pattern. It's a never outdated collocation, and it's suitable for any occasion.

1. White shirts, dark blue square neckties

Simple men wearing white shirt is preferred, with a square pattern of the tie, overall would not seem monotonous, but through the change of necktie pattern collocation, even a plain white shirt, can also have a different visual effect.

2, a blue shirt, a twill tie

The blue shirt is many men style, through the softer tone color, comfortable touch of blue, the collapse of many serious atmosphere; collocation of a same color twill tie, simple to express the principle of the supremacy of grade

3, gray shirt, square tie tie

Neutral gray was men's shirt to one of the angle, through the cool color, can show your professionalism; collocation pattern box tie, can create a rich expression in a simple dress.

4, a coffee shirt, a square tie

The earth color of coffee is a popular color in recent years. Through the same color tie, it can easily show men's fashion attitude and show different taste from others.

5, camel striped shirt, Blue Plaid tie

Besides the shirt, striped shirt is quite worthy of reference work style.  Through fringe modification, also has the effect of elongated body, camel Pinstripe shirt and Blue Plaid tie, more conducive to highlight your dressing style.

6, white blue striped shirt, twill tie

Through the reorganization and arrangement of the stripes and the collocation of the same color system, the striped shirt is one of the most important items for men to invest. No shirt monotonous, but added a look at, I believe you will not hear the men's shirt is immutable and frozen?

7, blue striped shirt, twill tie

Fine as pencil tip stripes, stable and comfortable blue tones, with a contrast with pink tie, is a bold collocation method, but no loss of taste, and ensure that you become the focus of the office of the envy of men and women.

8. Light blue striped shirt, twill tie

The arranged lattice shirts are the styles that many office men are afraid to touch. In fact, you don't have to worry too much as long as the color and arrangement are stable. The plaid shirt, with a twill tie with a contrasting color, shows you a good and unique eye, believing it must be liked by a man of confidence.

9, Houndstooth twill shirt, tie

Fine Houndstooth is retro and preferred, young color makes maxmara produce more lively sense of the times, collocation a same color twill tie, not too exaggerated, but even more full of vitality.

10, blue striped shirt, twill tie

Small and regular plaid shirt and blue color collocation is elegant twill tie, create a harmonious temperament, is one of the most important male reference collocation, and does not lose the whole elegant gentleman style.


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