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What is the leader's tie?
Dec 08, 2017

What is the leader's tie?

What are some of the problems that are more important to tie a tie? Some of these problems are more important.

First, the matching clothing is exquisite. It's not good to wear a tie when you wear a suit. There is no tie in a suit. This suit doesn't taste. For example, you don't have to wear a tie when you don't wear a suit. For example, we often see comrades wearing short sleeved shirts and tie. If your short sleeved shirt is not a uniform, you don't need to wear your tie. Short sleeved shirt belongs to casual wear. In strict sense, it is almost the same as trousers. It is almost the same as vest. Do you wear pants and vest to tie? So you in the eyes of experts you wearing a shirt and tie it, you will give others a sense of. For example, a signing ceremony, the international society people attach great importance to foreign guests, no matter how hot the weather he suits, we have here a few comrades afraid of the heat, for you to wear a shirt and tie, which is neither fish nor fowl feeling.

Second, there are a lot of ties in the tie. For example, the color of the tie is exquisite, the necktie fabric is exquisite, the style of the necktie is exquisite. If you don't wear your uniform, you'd better not play the tie of "pull the tie", that is, the person who wears the uniform is matching it, it saves trouble. You wear a fancy suit on a formal occasion. You pull it in a tie and your grade is down. Because the game is not high, it is equipped with a suit. Whether a gay man can tie a tie or not, two details are important. The first detail, you have to pay attention to the tie of his play, there is a kind of play, called a man's dimple. What is a man's dimple? It's just a trough under the bow tie. You say it's a pit, you say it's a ditch, a man's dimple. You watch TV and watch news broadcast. You pay attention to the fashion personages in Europe and America. It often appears here. The man's dimple, first, it is fashion, second it equals the disguise to tell you, I hit a high-grade tie.  Because only the silk tie is soft, the pit, which is pressed, can stick to it. You take a nylon tie and press the slot, and then it will go back. Second details, no tie clips. Some of us have a misunderstanding, because no one teaches him. He mistaken that a tie must be used with a tie, but it is not necessary.  When you wear a suit, there are only two kinds of necktie clips. Who is the first kind of man? A man in uniform. Industry and commerce, taxation, police, military, air, they are making unified tie clip, logo, logo emblem, badge, emblem, airlines, it is complete, CIS, corporate image recognition system.  He got a clip of his tie and we knew what they were doing. Who are the second kinds of people? Big men, leaders, big bosses. They socialize more with foreign in eating together, to tell the truth, when no foreign presence of soup to drink it, picked up the bowl to drink down OK, but when foreign presence, not a public occasion before we must pay attention to manners? To take a spoon to scoop a drink, you think, take a spoon to scoop a drink when here is not to tie clip clip? The national leaders, foreign affairs, he generally clamp the tie clip, otherwise the tie around, do not put the soup here, tie clip, a bend, you say who drink the soup first? Tie. This is the big man he uses, the uniformed person he uses, the ordinary people do not need to use. I want to use this simple example to talk about an important feature of dress etiquette and standardization.

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