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What is the difference between silk tie and polyester tie tie distinguish
Dec 29, 2017

What is the difference between silk tie and polyester tie tie distinguish

First, the classification of the necktie fabric is introduced.

Generally can be divided into yarn dyed silk tie, silk tie, tie dyed polyester, printing Disi tie (silk). As is new, there is now a part of silk or wool + 50%, + 50% polyester silk tie, but this kind of pattern has no conventional fabric. The tie the so-called South Korean silk is polyester, this is just some domestic businesses as exports in foreign trade this is 100%polyester.

The classification of the necktie lining

According to the composition of the tie lining can be divided into 4 categories, polyester lining, grapefruit silk lining, wool lining, wool or silk + Polyester Blended pomelo. Originally the tie should be fully polyester lining, durable characteristics, is also suitable for tie. Grapefruit backing silk and wool lining basically for export to the United States this the block, because of the quota system, so that export to the United States grapefruit silk tie must use natural materials for lining, wool lining. By the end of last year, the abolition of the quota, but the United States has been used by the customer or grapefruit silk lining, wool lining habit. Feel more soft, this is grapefruit silk lining, wool lining tie the characteristics, but for domestic consumers, in fact, is more suitable for polyester lining tie. Grapefruit silk lining, the number of wool lining tie can wear less, easy deformation. Because the level of consumption in the United States than in The country is high, and they usually buy a tie for 1 dozen, and each tie does not take more than 5 times.

Identification of necktie materials

Silk tie and Disi tie now because of postprocessing techniques, some have been touched or the naked eye cannot be used to distinguish the difference between the 2. So it is with fire method. In general you can tie head inside a little bit of fabric to suture, burned with a lighter can clear flame is caked with polyester, powder is silk, this method is relatively simple and widely used. Note that the first thread can only burn, burn the tie is not good!

The difference between the lining

You can see the general, polyester lining, basic white grapefruit. Silk lining, usually black or dark yellow. Wool lining, usually yellow. If you still can not distinguish words can be the same with the difference method of tie fabric, principle of natural raw materials encountered fire into carbon. So the natural fabric is environmentally friendly.

Cost and price of ties

The cost price of a silk tie in about 30-35 dollars. The price of silk tie, at around 20 dollars. The cost price of the Disi tie at around 10 dollars. So for buyers when buy hundreds of price tie, actually buy is a brand price!


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