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We enrich different shapes by different factors
Dec 27, 2017

We enrich the different shapes by different styles of cut lines, fabric patterns, and color factors.

1. the shoulder is larger than the type of the hip

This type of body is fairly well proportioned and has a larger choice of clothing.

2. the shoulders and the buttocks are quite type

It is of high shape and can increase the sense of weight by using dark and horizontal line factors in clothing.

3. the shoulder is less than the type of the hip

It belongs to the stout type, and the fabric patterns choose the vertical line, and need to compare the smooth fabric. Design to avoid transverse symmetrical clothing lines and buttons. It is more suitable to choose fine belts.

4. obesity

A stocky beauty obese men as a whole, in order to look slim and then some, you can choose styles with vertical linear, so that there is a sense of extended and narrow vision. The fabric with vertical and tight texture is a good choice, avoiding the horizontal line corresponding to the shoulders and the loose waist pattern. Flat shoulder style, V neck and vertical arrangement of accessories can make some of your light.

5. short legs bent

The curving leg gentleman, to pay attention to the collocation of trousers and jacket. Under the pigment should be lighter than the tops of these fabrics, with appropriate hair texture. The overall dress should not be developed in deep tone. In style, the change of the upper garment is more suitable, the line of sight can be concentrated in the upper part, such as adding appropriate amount of accessories, etc.

6. protruding body shape

Convex body of men, is considered to be "General belly", there is a certain boldness. When choosing the coat, the fabric needs some patterns, and the texture and workmanship of the fabric are fine. Select the thin belt, leather shoes should be black, increase the lower weight.

7. thin and flat buttocks

It is not easy to be tight on the clothing and should have a certain degree of Looseness on the dress. At the same time, do not have hypertrophy of the crotch. In the fabric, we should choose the fabric with texture to enhance the sense of vision.

8. short legs and hips

This type of body more attention to fasten the collar, to increase a sense of extension. More choice of some stripes, lattice tops and fine dark belt, can transfer the line of sight of people, at the same time, some footwear should be pale.

9. large face and neck stubby

The short neck of a man is not a problem. If you have a double chin or jaw part that meets your collar, you need to adjust your collar to fit your neck.


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